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Huawei nova 9

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  • Porkchop

I bought this last week i love it totally worth it

N01B4ME, 03 Mar 2022And your point is ?!?!?! According to at... moreYou may have given up on huawei and sony but what I've noticed for the past 2 years is that innovation has slowed down a lot. How did we go from huge generation upgrades to companies launching the same phone twice (oneplus, Samsung, Sony). Only companies innovating was huawei.
Think about it, 10x periscope, attention display, big sensors for ultra wide.

Also it's quite odd basing your opinion on data found on Google about a not available outside China OS and China is a country Google doesn't reach. (and real percentage is 4%)

  • Truth

I bought this Phone since January, very satisfying, I can run Whatsapp, using Google browser, Gmail, Twitter, Telegram, Google map, everything about Google. Just don't have a Google Play Store, but I can download any apps from Huawei apps Gallery.

  • N01B4ME

Mjay, 08 Feb 2022Bla bla bla bla bla ....... Who cares.... USA spy most ....... moreAnd your point is ?!?!?!

According to at the end of February 2022 Mobile Operating Systems percentage market share looks like this:

Android 70.97%
iOS 28.27%
Samsung 0.43%
KaiOS 0.17%
Unknown 0.1%

Your Harmony OS does not even exist outside the Asian market and assuming that it is in the "unknown" category of 0.1%.

Or in this field of the telecom market, and where every 3 months a new model appears that offers something extra, if you miss the start, you can't even show up. For example, here is what happened to Nokia, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Sony, Sagem and the list goes on.

At this moment Huawei with a sigh of relief manage to launch 1-2 phone models annually and those without 5G, without Google and at really insensitive prices, as is the case of the P50 range or phones equipped with processors worthy of the years 2018 - 2019 so such as the Nova 8i.

P.S. - Rather than throwing money at this Nova 9, you better focus on Honor 50, which is the same phone only offers access to 5G technology and the Google package.

Overpriced again, 18 Feb 2022Honestly overpriced like the crazy. It doesnt worth more t... moreSso you want a midrange phone for budget price. Ok, got it

No stereo speaker, no buy!

  • Anonymous

I am not techy person for me Nice phone very sexy cute design

  • HatoKami

Overpriced again, 18 Feb 2022Honestly overpriced like the crazy. It doesnt worth more t... moreAnd what phone has everything you mentioned in this price range?

  • Stexon

Very very good phone. Build quality amazing, screen amazing, chipset right what i need, very fast charging. And OS EMUI 12 is very smooth and responsive. Go Huawei

  • Hayzed

No radio, no earpiece is the only thing I see that is very bad about the phone because I can't enjoy music with earpiece and is very bad

  • Overpriced again

Honestly overpriced like the crazy.
It doesnt worth more than 250$ even if you are a fanboy.
No gg
No dual speakers
No IP standard
No memory slot
No 3.5 jack
No 5g
No gms
No tele photo lense
Midrange chipset(it is ok but not for this price tag)
Not impressive camera
Not ideal battery life
And a bunch of other No...
You can not find any above 400$ phone with no 5g support these days easily.

Just a bot, 11 Feb 2022But, quality-wise. Wired music is so much better than wirel... moreI'll give you that micro SD would be useful but if you cared about audio quality you would get an external 3.5 mm, not talking about an adapter.

  • Just a bot

captain fokou, 20 Oct 2021Bruh. Mi true wireless basic cost 15€. Why do you want a 3.... moreBut, quality-wise. Wired music is so much better than wireless.

As for msd slot, it's just for flexibility.
Yeah, you can get big internal. But, it will take so long to transfer the data, because not everyone has gigabit internet connection.

Considerably terrible specs, a laughable camera and a weak SoC for the price. Rather pay less (can you believe it) and get a P40, which outmatches this handset on every level.

What is Huawei smoking lately?

  • Mjay

N01B4ME, 10 Dec 2021Huawei does not make anymore, Huawei made - that is in the ... moreBla bla bla bla bla ....... Who cares.... USA spy most trying to claim world power...

And i really appreciate how huawei made sure they survived without them.....

Do u really think Google OS or Apple OS will beat HOS when it comes to global???... I bet you know.

  • Mjay

Eagle2k, 20 Dec 2021Had one. Not great. Sold it and got the Asus ROG phone. Min... moreLair...................why do you have to spoil this amazing gadget and discourage people from buying ... Why????

Does it support display out?

  • ianik

If GSM is back on huawei phone, samsung will sink. only their flag ship( S line) will be sold but the lower end phone, NO WAY. huawei is putting emphasis on their design. so nice.

Gmt9906, 31 Dec 2021Bought this phone recently and i am satisfied with my purch... moreThat's because Huawei and Snapchat are pretty close and Snapchat optimizes camera for Huawei

  • Louisa Brown

I love all the features as well as photo quality.
I took my first one back to Telkom The Glen because it overheats when I use the video for longer then 10 minutes as well as the Maps add.

I got a replacement and it does the same thing.
I'm impressed with the Vlog feature but don't like that it overheats and I have to wait for it to cool off.