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  • Hmmmmmm

anonymous, 01 Feb 2021Completely agree. Looks and feel premium. No lags, smooth, ... moreOkey i will buy now

  • Anonymous

Hi friends , i read that the battery endurances is lower than the galaxy s8/s9 but somehow users experience comments here says good but samsung users are saying bad battery backup , how's that so? I am confused

  • anonymous

shown, 30 Mar 2021are you in Android 10 now? If so, is the camera good compar... moreYes on android 10 now no issues with camera at all

  • shown

anonymous, 21 Mar 2021To-date it's one of the best phone i have used. In fac... moreare you in Android 10 now? If so, is the camera good compared to the last version?

  • shown

hi, is anyone still using Huawei P20 here?, can someone tells me if the latest android 10 version update is good now? because my phone used to be in android 10 (. 161) and it's worse, it lags and stutters especially when playing games so I rollback to 9.1. Also, is the camera has an improvement because it used to bad compared to 9.1. Thanks for those who answers my questions. - Huawei P20(EML-L29)

  • anonymous

Cris, 17 Feb 2021This is the great phone I've had since last 2 years! ... moreTo-date it's one of the best phone i have used. In fact alot better than some other brand new phones and models including some of their own brand new models. Nice premium looks, good battery, good camera, fast no lag, good screen display and most of all a hardy phone. This is what i need to say

  • Cris

This is the great phone I've had since last 2 years!
It's my pleasure to use it and I only could regret about unable to upgrade to the new Huawei models without Google software. Hope they will cancel one day their policy in Huawei's discrimination, this is politics but not engineering issue...

  • Vasko

I have been using the phone since 2018. The battery is like new. It may already hold up to 80%, but I've never had to charge it during the workday. Despite the intensive use.

I have something to say about the camera. Maybe a little more, but it's perfect. If we talk about artificial intelligence in mobile phones ... No, the phone fails to capture the same as my Sony a6000 cameras with the whale lens. AI fails to achieve the same details as the camera. But it is much lighter.

And yet know: The best camera you have is the one in your hands. The phone is perfectly balanced in software quality and speed for that money. I recommend it.

  • anonymous

Sem, 27 Jan 2021I am using it for 2.5 years. Best phone i ever had. No issu... moreCompletely agree. Looks and feel premium. No lags, smooth, fast, good battery life. No issues whatsoever. Only complaint and disappointment is after updating to Android 10 no whatsapp pop up notification. Problem is not with phone it's Android 10 and hope whatsapp can fix it. Otherwise very good phone

  • Sem

Benny, 24 Jan 2021P20 user here... already used for more than 2 years. its... moreI am using it for 2.5 years. Best phone i ever had. No issues small compared to other phones battery last 1 day. Cant find a better phone these days in size and camera quality.

  • Benny

P20 user here... already used for more than 2 years.

its really best phone, good durability... until know have no issue.. still available like new.. still smooth, camera stll one of the best.... really love it....battery almost like 2 years ago.. could still stay 1day.if not a hardcore game ^^.. never use power bank its enough for daily use...

  • ShiberMonkey

My phone is 2 years old and still working fine.
I use Youtube, Tidal,Telegram,Messenger, web browsing and I play games on it (every app use mobile data) and the battery still last for a day.
The phone is durable as hell. I'm a constuction worker I have droped the phone hundred of times and It doesn't have any major damage. The camera is great, the speakers (for me ) could be a bit louder but otherwise it's okay. The processor and the RAM give a smooth experience and it doesn't have any overheating problem.
I think I will buy a new battery and use it for 2 more years. I highly recommend this phone.

  • Chew

Still working perfectly fine today 5-Jan-2021.
But decide to buy another new phone to cope my working phone as its spoiled.
Could not be huawei as google not longer with it.

  • Khevin

Got my phone on may 2018... Still fine today... No problem I don't even have a screen protector and the screen is still fine... Battery is still fine... I used if for gaming... Spotify... Browsing.... YouTube... Average 7hours of usage each day.... Still fine... But I became discontent on its gaming performance so I ordered a blackshark 3.... I will still keep this phone as a daily driver and the blackshark phone as a gaming phone. Got the phone almost free at my post paid plane... I never regret having this phone

A Random Canadian, 25 Nov 2020I had this phone for years and I've had nothing but pr... moreI switched from Huawei P20 to Samsung S10e since Samsung S10e can expand storage and I got it for 50% of the original price brand new. Samsung S10e with Exynos chipset is a horror phone with overheating battery and battery can't last more than 16h and I am not playing games. Also Huawei P20 has much better camera setup especially night mode. I regret not taking Huawei P30 instead Samsung S10e horror. Samsung S series is overpriced compared what is offering for that price. Or go iPhone for that money or buy some other Andrlid brand with Google services for less money

  • Jhomz

Hasaan, 30 Nov 2020My P20 has Android 10. Why gsmarena is showing Android 9.Same here p20 users

My P20 has Android 10.
Why gsmarena is showing Android 9.

  • basic user

i am using this phone for 2 years almost.. no problem good batery good photo.. ii dident feel i need it to changin it

  • A Random Canadian

I had this phone for years and I've had nothing but problems with it. It was constantly overheating. The battery bloated up and completely blew out the casing. I had to order another battery and pay someone to fix it for me... then it was fine but now it's another year later and the battery is doing what it did the first time.

Before I used Huawei, I was using an old Samsung S4. That was the best phone I had ever used and i never had a single problem with it, The Huawei P20 had nothing but issues, and I'm honestly glad this phone is on the older side and on the verge of being phased out.. so no one else has to suffer the way I suffered.

Seriously... Don't buy Huawei anything. Go Galaxy or Pixel or Iphone instead.

  • beekay

Jurjob1919, 07 Oct 2020P 20 or P 30 lite?P20