Huawei P20

Huawei P20

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  • AnonD-472515

i dont like notch trend but from the picture itself the design look very nice, i plan to buy this new p20.

  • CAK

IP67 or IP68 certified?

  • Spiro77

Why does everybody needs to copy apple? Their new design is nothing special, lots of people do not like it, but still - all the cnhinese companies copy it....WTF?!?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2018In phones lineup (1~5): those notches, ALAS..More than 1~5: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. It's neo trend also known notchism infection..

  • Anonymous

It's deformed version of iX not more..

  • AnonD-743196

I like everything about the phone expect for this ugly ugly home button ._.

  • Anonymous

In phones lineup (1~5): those notches, ALAS..

AnonD-704307, 08 Mar 2018So they copy the notch on the iphone, ignore the Amoled dis... moreyea yea..but consider this!...this is the first smartphone with the notch and a front placed fingerprint sensor! that is real innovation!...1000$ please!

  • Katlo


  • AnonD-704307

So they copy the notch on the iphone, ignore the Amoled display,go with the cheap LCD and still charge premium .... I can only hope that the lcd part is not official and its the autofill, cause otherwise this is a complete joke of a product.