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Huawei P20 lite

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  • Dewillllll

csk, 27 Apr 2020worst phoneGot it year ago, works at best horse, camera phone, speed, if anyone loking phone be spec, isn't, but overal am happy for two years used, lovely, for price and quality that time.

  • Tactixs

Deki, 24 Feb 2020Do any of you experience distortion in sound when connected... moreI use this phone with lots of bluetooth boxes for more than 2 years now and never had any distortion issue.
Try it on different bluetooth boxes, if the problem is on all the boxes then you can assume there is something wrong with the phone or software. Otherwise it's probably a problem on your bluetooth box.

  • Anonymous

After using it for 2 years, I still find this phone pretty good without much slow down unlike the Samsung phones of this price range. Sensors are still fast, camera is good. Haven't tried much games on this phone so not sure from that aspect. Overall I liked this product.

  • Nazim nazeer

Volte support

  • Anonymous

amin, 24 Jan 2020Should i buy a huawei p20 lite in pakistan in 2020 in PKR 20,000Noooooooooo

  • Nick

trajcevasilev94, 02 May 2020Android 10 for P20 Lite when? Never, they are saying P20 lite doesn't have good enough hardware to run android 10 stably. Sorry.

pp20 lite, 02 May 2020never..... And why you complain about android 10... That wa... moreAs far as I am aware the P20 Lite will not receive either the Android 10 or 10.1 upgrade which is a smack in the face to owners of this very good mobile. I have a long memory for tricks like this and the P9 also suffered the same lack of interest. I won't let my company be held to ransom again, so it will be "Goodbye Huawei" until it operates in a reasonable manner. Two years is far too short a time to cut off support!

  • Anonymous

Worst nightmare, it keeps on saying no service. I can't receive a call or make one, I've tried many things to fix it with no success. I no longer know what to do 😐😐😒😒😒

  • pp20 lite

trajcevasilev94, 02 May 2020Android 10 for P20 Lite when? never..... And why you complain about android 10... That was the last software update for all Huawei phones..
Now they are focusing adding more apps on AppGallery

  • Jackiow

Had my phone nearly 2 years now. PROS; A really good phone all round, takes very good pics, is fast , has lots of sensors, sound clear as a bell, fast charging. For the price it's a brilliant phone. CONS: A bigger battery would be nice.

Android 10 for P20 Lite when?

  • csk

worst phone

  • AnonD-844967

pp20 lite, 25 Apr 2020obviosly go for honor 8x reasons: is faster,longer battery... morerealme 6 would be a better choice for similar price.
but if you want huawei then go with p40 lite for a little extra.

  • Velislav

The camera is verry good, but has awful auto mode. Do not shoot anything in auto.
Learn how to use the PRO mode. It takes photos comparable to P20 with pro mode with
good focus and lighting, the camera lens is verry good, just the software is a piece of...

Learn how to control the focus, light, ISO etc. in pro mode and you will take high-grade photos with the camera. Its verry good.

  • Anonymous

Same, 22 Apr 2020Which is faster and better Honor 8x or Huawei P20 lite. I n... more8x

  • pp20 lite

Same, 22 Apr 2020Which is faster and better Honor 8x or Huawei P20 lite. I n... moreobviosly go for honor 8x
reasons: is faster,longer battery life,bigger screen (but with less pixels),android 10,better camera .

  • Same

Which is faster and better Honor 8x or Huawei P20 lite. I need quick response.

A really great mobile phone with a very good price. It has excellent features and it is very reliable. Every aspect of this phone is well covered, from processor and battery to design and camera. Whoever chooses to buy this model will not be disappointed.

  • AnonD-844967

After 2 years of usage.
this device looks and feels good, but performance is disappointing.
cameras are good but not the best, speaker is a little quiet but sound is clear.
battery is not good yet not bad for 3000mah, charging speed is quite good.
notification led is very useful and hope it could be in all devices.
my rating is 7.5/10 for good device lacking good performance and OK battery life.

  • Unknow User

SkyMasterARC, 19 Feb 2020Buy redmi note 8 or note 8 pro. Or realme 3. P20 lite very ... moreReally?! I have this phone, is a vrey good.