Huawei P20 lite

Huawei P20 lite

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Compared to still fresh P10 lite cost 100 more in price for a copyied notch.
By the way whats that 16+2 main camera?
Its like Small John going to swallow Robin Hood :-)

  • Stickerlicker

Why is a piece of the screen missing at the top.

Well, most people dont play games, in fact, most people dont even do more than FB or instagram with their phones, so the vast majority will never ever see the difference between the 659 and the SD625/630 and even those who will see a difference, will probably see it just in benchmarks.

  • david koh

huawei, when u stop use chipset 659 ? this chipset too weak, overall lose to sd 625 , when launched new mid range chipset ?

  • Alien

Kalen, 05 Mar 2018I hope not.... Cos this is disappointing.Just look at that scree... moreAnother day, another replika from the biggest replika brands out there..
This brand started as a cheap alternative to the real Android brands, but now people think it's a good one lmao
Sheeple, if they would be so good, they wouldn't be banned by the US government for SPYING!
Now your fingerprints, face and iris are in some database, waiting to be used for god knows what..


  • Anonymous

Justin, 06 Mar 2018Well i was thinking about upgrading my Huawei p9 lite (2016) but... moreI would recommend to look out for 2 year old flagships as well, because those are evolving rather than using the same old tech forever. But Xiaomi also makes great value phones.

  • Anonymous

I still hope that kirin 659 is just a fake news and that Huawei will use better mid-range chip in
P20 lite.

  • Justin

Well i was thinking about upgrading my Huawei p9 lite (2016) but now i guess i will switch to nokia or xiaomi or w/e because iam not buying 2 year old hardware for 300+ bucks -_- kirin 659 is just a rebrand of a damn kirin 650 2 year old chip slight clock improvements doesn't help much and the gpu isn't aging well on my device it bassicly runs the more demanding games on lowest settings 30 fps -_- Even in 2016 it was an okay chip now its just bad when we have chips like SD 660 in phones around 350€ range too -_- Iam 99% Huawei will never read this liek ever but if you do please invest into mid tier market because its the most potent one people with less IQ than a monkey will buy Samsung galaxy s* w/e or Iphone X or something. But most of population can't afford or don't care about thoose overpriced pieces of glass and plastic in my country ove 70% own something like xiaomi 4x (140€ phone) or huawei p9 lites or w/e so most taken sgment is 100-300€ market if you manage to get something decent into this market iam pretty sure you can take over Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Kirin 659 for 370€ are you mad Huawei.

  • AnonD-694451

this stupid ugly notch trend needs to end

  • Kalen

I hope not.... Cos this is disappointing.Just look at that screen. Another iphone copy number #Godsknowwhat. Do you ever wonder what happened to originality ???

  • AnonD-139366

notch is spreading like cancer

And yet anther notch fruity wannabe....

  • SAM

huawei p 10 lite very very very excellent model nice model i am using 3 month after gift my small brother nice model

  • AnonD-600352

i didn't understand the top notch. when it had a lot of space in bottom

  • Anonymous

AnonD-617820, 03 Mar 2018just dont buy a phone with notch, give them some lessonsHaha that's true

  • rich watarious

Oh huawei, the same Kirin 659 with 3000 mAh battery? oh huawei

  • AnonD-617820

just dont buy a phone with notch, give them some lessons

  • AnonD-598677

i will buy huawei if they have perfect screen which i mean only full screen without the fugly notch and home button.

At least its a small notch compared to fugly apple with huge notch.
This one looks decent and maybe promising.
But better to dont have any that this one.
At least the rest of the specs looks promising.
But on other hand its price is 370 eur.
Mi 7 from xiaomi cost 350 with SD 845 and latest GPU.