Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

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  • AnonD-742187

Not Google, 10 Mar 2018Why is everyone copying apple? every chinese company thinks... moretrue its s*ucks

  • Not Google

Why is everyone copying apple? every chinese company thinks that the notch is a good idea but it s*cks.

  • Alik

Why HUAWEI haven't any new model that have both of InfraRed and FM-Radio ?

  • Anonymous

Every company copying essential phone and iPhone x and people gonna say this is great device WTF..................

  • Hossain

andy, 09 Mar 2018why relaease a phone with a notch like the iphone, when the... moreYes bro I agree with you

  • AnonD-221843

why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?

Well everybody copy apple like they are something special.
Apple is not a company to die for Huawei as well.
The notch feature is dissaster.
Rest of the phone looks like apple X.
Is this means the future then this future will be very short.
When failuer copying other failuer it cant means anything else apart from tottal catastrophe.
If Huawei cant bring own ideas they need to kick all their CEO Employee and starts again,

  • andy

why relaease a phone with a notch like the iphone, when the iphone isnt a winning design and isnt selling as well as other phones, also oneplus and oppo are copying this too, a lot of samey, cheap knock offs out there, and the notch on the iphone 10 is hated anyway, why not copy samsung seeing as they now make and sell the most phones per year?

  • AnonD-537565

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018What? Home button is awesome.I agree! It's so nice to have the fingerprintreader on the front, hope they keep it that way and not on the back like every other phone!

  • Anonymous

Cell, 09 Mar 2018Hopefully that home button gonna be removed.What? Home button is awesome.

  • Cell

Hopefully that home button gonna be removed.

  • CAK

IP67 or IP68 certified?

  • Johnny

So much potential and all they do is copy! Be original! Jeeze! Make a sliding phone, one with HDMI port, one with a projector, one with a micro subwoofer! Dab radio something! Dual micro SD card support.

  • Anonymous

There will not be a 2MP camera. The text on the back clearly says SUMMILUX-H 1:1.6-2.4/27-60, so it will be an additional telephoto camera.

  • AnonD-743140

Please stop copy

  • Anonymous

I think this mobile phone is the best