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Should i buy the P30 or the Oneplus Nord?

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2020this phone or nova 5t? Honor 20, Honor View 20 and Nova 5T = same phone. Minor differences, like fingerprint is on side on Honor 20 and Nova 5T, but on back on View 20. And small battery increase on View 20 to 4000mah up from 3750mah. But exactly same CPU and camera exactly same on Honor 20 and Nova 5T. Same screen size. The P30 has Kirin 980 same as these phones. Very minor difference again. P30 has smaller battery 3650mah, slightly smaller screen, so lighter a little bit. Better camera optics. Curved glass back. Thats it. They are basically all the same phone. So choose based on how you like the look and the price. I like the Honor 20 and Nova 5T cos the side fingerprint on the power button is nice and crazy fast. Got bored of rear fingerprint since owning a LG G6. And in screen fingerprint sensors are slower as a note.

wiseguy, 20 Jul 2020a single speaker reproducing a stereo sound is still a mona... moreI get your point but it is not monaural. That means to listen with 1 ear only. They are trying to emulate stereo with 1 speaker like many phones. But heard by both ears

  • KY

rotto, 23 Jul 2020p30 sucks. it has dual sim card slut but no dual sim card s... moreP30 has single and dual sim version depends on country. You should ask the seller before you buy it. Thanks.

  • Tzejay

rotto, 23 Jul 2020p30 sucks. it has dual sim card slut but no dual sim card s... moreSuck your head, it is good

  • Anonymous

rotto, 23 Jul 2020p30 sucks. it has dual sim card slut but no dual sim card s... moreOne of the SIM sized slots is for a nano memory card, so it's not dual SIM. They look the same size but only one reads a sim card

  • rotto

p30 sucks. it has dual sim card slut but no dual sim card setting so I cant use 2 sim card at the same time. and there is no any description for that in Huawei website. the camera is ok but the sim card problem is bad

  • Anonymous

this phone or nova 5t?

  • fahad20xy

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020should i buy this phone? Ofcourse go for it

  • Anonymous

should i buy this phone?

  • Serpent689

Outstanding performer but unfortunately, no stereo speakers and the glass front that is made of Aluminosilicate glass is not resistant enough to scratches unlike Corning Gorilla Glass 6 that is mounted on iPhone and Samsumg phones . It's a pity.

  • wiseguy

alchemist83, 19 Jul 2020Mono speaker?! No. You mean a single speaker. It's sti... morea single speaker reproducing a stereo sound is still a monaural - sound intended to be heard as if it were emanating from one position

UserOfP30, 18 Jul 2020I use this phone for half year now Pros: - Speed and ... moreMono speaker?! No. You mean a single speaker. It's still a stereo speaker of sorts because technically you need 2, but it's not a Mono speaker as you put it. That's dumb. And the phone is known for its loud clear speaker output. Sounds like yours is bust or you're expecting more than you should.

Chrome needs the cache cleaning. It isn't an Emui issue (how could it be, the OS base is Android, so would be an Android issue). Updating doesn't clear the cache. And to clarify I mean the apps data cache not the web browsing cache.

And yes this phone only accepts the nanoSD card. But you bought it. Don't moan cos you didn't find that out prior to purchase.

As for transfer of files you would do how everyone can on any Android. Plug the PHONE in via cable to a PC / laptop. NanoSD card can be a accessed. Have you never plugged a phone into a PC before? Yet try to come across as knowledgeable?!

Leave it out LOL.

  • Kewin

UserOfP30, 18 Jul 2020I use this phone for half year now Pros: - Speed and ... moreGood explanation. Exactly same with what you have said.

  • Kewin

Does anyone here facing same issue like me. Photoa taken by P30, looks pale, wash out, greenish.
Is that due to the RYYB?
Video from P30 is better color and tend to normal.

  • UserOfP30

I use this phone for half year now


- Speed and performance. This is a very fast phone. No lags or stuttering at all
- Battery. 7 hours of screen-on time with intensive internet use + watching YouTube with sound from the speaker is achievable. With battery saving options probably even more.
- Design. The phone looks nice and it's slim and fairly compact for modern standards.
- 3.5 mm jack
- Very fast charging
- Very responsive in-screen fingerprint reader
- Full Google apps support, unlike newer Huawei phones
- 3x optical zoom


- Screen. OLED screen is OK but screens in Samsung phones are clearly superior
- Mono speaker. The sound quality and volume is ok, but the sound lacks depth due to the mono speaker.
- EMUI. It's fast and pretty rich in features but overly complicated and non-intiuitive in some parts. I also have problems with Google Chrome freezing sometimes when scrolling or typing. To unfreeze it I have to put it in the background and restore it (does anyone else have such problem?). I think it's EMUI issue because I always use latest Chrome version and the problem is still there.


- Both front and back cameras are disappointing. Pictures lack details compared to competition phones and they are often don't focus on things you want them to. But the worst thing is heavy yellow tint all over photos in low light when there is even the tiniest source of yellow bulb light. You can find cheaper phones that take better pictures, I'm serious. All Huawei phones are very overrated in camera department but they are marketed as ultimate camera phones.
- No microSD card support. The only way you can expand memory is to use special nanoSD card, but it costs 2.5 - 3 times more than a microSD card of the same capacity. Plus, you have to buy a nanoSD card reader if you want to transfer files to PC, and that's also expensive.

  • UserP30

I use this phone for half a year now


- speed and performance, no lags or stuttering at all, it's a very powerful phone
- design, it's nice, slim and fairly compact phone
- very fast charging
- very responsive in-screen fingerprint reader

lee, 17 Jul 2020thank you so much for ur opinion!I am using mate 9 currentl... morewelcome. and tell you what, i was mate 9 user too before change to p30. i been using mate 9 for 3 years, superb phone, no complaint. whats make me change to p30 is camera, full screen OLED, compact size. but camera part now i am a little bit disappointed. Good luck Bro.

  • lee

kewin, 17 Jul 2020i got p30, my wife mate 20. just share my opinion. Why p3... morethank you so much for ur opinion!I am using mate 9 currently and wanting for an upgrade, so this definitely helps me a lot on the decision making

lee, 16 Jul 2020which phone should i choose p30 or mate 20?i got p30, my wife mate 20. just share my opinion.
Why p30:
compact and light weight.
amoled display (but not much better)
30x zoom
better low light (a lot better than mate20)

why mate 20:
bigger screen
dual speakers
bigger battery (battery life slightly better than p30)

P30 only win in low light and zoom, normal day time and casual auto shot, which can directly post social media, hands down, i pick mate 20, i even feel disappointment with p30's auto and night mode. its look greenish, sucks.

if you ask me now, i will choose Mate 20.
confirmed, confirmed, confirmed.
important thing ... says 3 times.