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  • Gmbh

My Huawei p30 pro dropped off from a small table and my earpiece failed to work instantly,, can't hear anything after receiving a call,...... I need your help guys!

im glad that i didnt update the software, stayed with emui 9.1 since day 1 :D one of best phones i ever had, still future proof, compared to some new phones.

  • Atuanui

Marius, 21 Dec 2021Why do you update the phone? Why is this rush? Android is w... moreBecause it updated automatically without giving me an option to decline behind the scenes and now I appear to be stuck with it with no (easy) way to downgrade. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, tried to use Hi-Suite to downgrade it, but it appears they've since removed the ability to do downgrade. (In the past you could "Switch to another version", but it's no longer offered so looks like I'm stuck on EMUI 11 at least until I can find a way around this). Have posted a message to their Support board and am waiting to hear back, but may have to resort to some other methods to get it back to EMUI

If no dice, plan to sell this phone and get something else. (May be a cheap phone and go back to carrying a dedicated compact 1" sensor P&S camera around... Will probably be more economic to replace both as each break). The Panasonic P&S camera TZ110's and P30 pro's phone camera using their prime lens (1x) used to be on par with each other, now the P30 pro is far behind the TZ110 after taking pictures for the New Year celebrations and comparing them both in day light and at night.

  • Marius

User, 28 Oct 2021Dears, My P30 Pro Camera has become blurry, anybody has sug... moreDowngrade to Android 9 with emui 9.1.0 and stay there.

  • Marius

Atuanui, 28 Nov 2021Was OK, but battery health has taken a dive. Now it doesn&#... moreWhy do you update the phone? Why is this rush? Android is well-known for lagging phones and battery drains with the new updates. I have my P30 Pro with android 9 and emui 9.1.0 and it is beautiful, huge battery life, no lag and exceptional photos. Why would i ruin that?

  • Babuu

I have problem with my p30 pro sound keep decrease after few second when playing audio or calling using loudspeak, any help

Huawei P30 Pro was a beautifully structured smartphone, and it scared Apple and the start of Huawei sanctions.

  • Anonymous

Atuanui, 07 Dec 2021So a further update... Even tried Ultra power saving mode w... moreMaybe your battery has failed. Replacing it might fix the issue. Mine still lasts for over 24 hours, I game for about an hour every day, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi are always on

  • Atuanui

So a further update... Even tried Ultra power saving mode with only the stock Messaging and phone apps enabled. This improves it, but still only last just over a day on idle. Does anyone know what might I have done to ruin the health of my P30 pro's battery? Prior to June this year, I was using the P30 pro predominantly as a camera only and using my Samsung S7 Active as my Daily driver until that got too slow.

(Up until June this year) After a day of photography with the P30 pro, would put the P30 pro on charge, then once fully charged, turned if off, removed it from the charger and stowed the P30 pro in a draw under my desk. Mind you, had it pretty much on Air plane mode all the time.

I practically live almost under the phone carrier's transmitter. Situated 50m away and never had such horrendous battery issues with any phone using the same sim card, Is there anyway to definitively check the health of the P30 Pro battery?

  • Atuanui

Was OK, but battery health has taken a dive. Now it doesn't even a last a day on idle despite smart battery functionality enabled. Frustrated beyond belief, may now look to exit the Android ecosystem entirely as I've had ongoing issues with this with android phones. Why do Android phones struggle with this? If a phone is sitting idle with screen off, then there is no reason at all not to be able to last at least 2 days sitting idle on my desk in a good signal area.

Camera was OK, but a recent update appears to made my pictures look horrific compared to the photos I was able to take when I first got the phone back in 2019 using the same settings, same subjects (revisiting a scenic spot)

The Camera Zoom is a bit of a marketing con I feel. At the fixed focal points of x1 and x5 zoom, photo quality looks OK. If you try and take a picture between x1 and x5 zoom, picture quality looks terrible.

The best mobile phone I had since Nokia was on the market.
Using this phone for over 2.5 years with no issue.
My previous Samsung mobile phones stopped working soon after contract ended (2years).
Undoubtedly my next phone will be one of the Huawei devices.

the best picture I have ever seen.

  • Mick

User, 28 Oct 2021Dears, My P30 Pro Camera has become blurry, anybody has sug... moreI can try, downgrade emui version with Huawei HiSuite PC Application. Maybe with older emui versions photo are better

  • SantaInhouse

Good phone, purchase it as a second owner, fast and responsive. Upgrade from P10 Plus, to this Phone, I'm still using both phone, the p10 dropped and been trampled by car, but still it working, I just need to change it screen due to the screen has become not responsive, lol.

And it still much faster compared to other new phone available in current market for this year. This flagship is so good, just if not due to Google issue, I would already update myself with P40 Plus.

User, 28 Oct 2021Dears, My P30 Pro Camera has become blurry, anybody has sug... moreIf u dont care about any newer Android features, revert back to EMUI 9.1 using HiSuite.

  • Nica

Been using the phone since its 1st launched, till now it works perfectly issues at all even it fell down for 5x already....light and fast...

  • Anonymous

domsto5, 06 Nov 2021I was honored to receive it, now I will honor change to som... moreIt's still a powerhouse smartphone of all time. The company did a great job in the phone

I was honored to receive it, now I will honor change to something else lol

  • Anonymous

Kraken , 21 Oct 2021This is probably the last Huawei with GMS. Maybe it is the last phone with GMS with "huawei" written on it, but honor is back in the game which is nearly the same as huawei (even if they claim not to xD)

  • User

Dears, My P30 Pro Camera has become blurry, anybody has suggestion to fix this problem.
I tried following but no success
1) Cleared Camera Cache
2) Freed space
3) Reset the phone
4) uninstalled un necessary apps
It is frustrating, plz help to fix this problem.
EMUI version is 11, Android Version 10