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Huawei P30 Pro

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  • avon seller

I hear dom sells avon.

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  • Shyboy

Anyway I still love p30 pro, because of camera, battery, and premium body. But resolution is a bit sad if compare with my previous note 9, but I feel p30 pro is stronger than note 9.
Just my experiences!!!

  • Anonymous

Sean, 28 Nov 2019I agree with you. I returned my P30 Pro due to horrible yellow t... moreHow did you get your money back? I have had my phone for a week with no useable photos. Terrible shooting over the ocean. Always dark shadows even when sun is behind.

  • Anonymous

ANLking, 11 Dec 2019This earpiece screen really need to fix. I really have difficult... moreOpponents? Are you a street fighter?

This earpiece screen really need to fix. I really have difficulty to hear my opponents voice, especially in the crowded area, even in my office. Need huawei to fix on this, maybe by software upgrade or else

  • NoU

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2019iPhone XR.Well, that's the real joke, right there. We're talking about serious phones here.

  • Ray-UK

I have recently switched from Oneplus 5 (which was already a good one) to the P30 Pro. One thing I am missing is the ability to quickly switch data from one SIM to the other. On the Oneplus 5, there was a toggle on the notification dropdown. It was very handy and I used the feature a lot when the signal strength on one card was poor.

I am missing this on the Huawei. Could someone please suggest a way to get a quick toggle, even if it's on on the notification dropdown. Thanks much.

  • Ortizz

SOT: 7 HOURS and still have 26% battery left. Amazing shots, as in like being shot by a professional... And I was surprised by how smooth gaming is with this phone. Did not even experience heating. Love this phone except speaker and curve.

  • comp geek

Karl, 03 Dec 2019need advice on P30 Pro or iPhone XRgo for P30 pro, its way better than iphone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019Pro is better than appleWhat a joke haha.

  • Anonymous

Karl, 03 Dec 2019need advice on P30 Pro or iPhone XRiPhone XR.

  • Anonymous

Pro is better than apple

  • Karl

need advice on P30 Pro or iPhone XR

  • Anonymous

K, 03 Dec 2019Huawei p30 or Huawei p30 pro? Help pleaseePro model is better

  • K

Huawei p30 or Huawei p30 pro?
Help pleasee

  • Ortizz

I just had mine. And to be honest it seems like p30 pro is slow in recognition of group photo compared to my honor 10. And honor 10 sounds a lot louder. The rest though are awesome. I even use the phone clone and it works like magic. Didn't even have to type in wifi password as it carried over my new phone. Btw im having difficulty pressing A as it sits near the curve. Hate the curve.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 28 Nov 2019Update from HiCare.I've checked hicare every day for over two weeks and it's still not giving it to me

  • Sean

Lelo, 07 Nov 2019I recently bought the Huawei P30 Pro. so far I that disappointed... moreI agree with you. I returned my P30 Pro due to horrible yellow tint, horrible dark images when shooting towards sunlight with poor dynamic range, bad lens flare and often cold dull colours. Also has constant focus problems too. The best thing is the zoom the rest is overhyped

Laur, 25 Nov 2019After a 4-day use the phone is exceptional. I also use Samsung S... moreS10+ got its own Pros. But yeah, I agree with you for a major needs, Huawei is much more subtle.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2019Still waiting for the Android 10 update for my P30 Pro... This sucks!Update from HiCare.