Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

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  • Anonymous

K.S.H., 26 Mar 2019I always hate too

Wait till you see Xiaomi's Mi 9. Flashship specs and features for $500.

This phone its very best for photography and all of them.
when it coming to for buy?
I love this phone but I want to know the exact date.
please let me know.

  • Pupone

It looks like the camera is really awesome. In the end it is the only feature that improved in comparison with the Mate 20 Pro / Mate 20 X.

Spending 1000 euros for just an upgraded camera, seems too much in my opinion.

If you compare it with Mate 20 Pro / 20 X or with the Galaxy Note 9, what is the real added value of the device if we exclude the step up with the camera?

  • BobZ

Yannay, 26 Mar 2019crazy price for a phone with no personality. i think the right p... moreCouldn't agree more!

battery and camera are good
display bad

  • Anonymous

awesome battery and sunlight, nice huawei. r.i.p samsung with low battery in s10.

  • K.S.H.

I always hate notch.

€ 1.000,- ($ 1.130,-) demands Huawei, € 1.400,- ($ 1.580,-) Samsung and € 1.700,- ($ 1920,-) Apple for one smartphone? That's a joke! No smartphone is worth more than € 500,- ($ 565,-), no matter the brand! The smartphone manufacturers are getting on my nerves with their arrogance. I'd rather buy a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for € 150,- ($ 170,-) and I'd be just as good off as with other manufacturers, but I still have between € 850,- ($ 960,-) and € 1.550,- ($ 1.750,-) left for nicer things in life.

  • wow

Edge screen AND tiny notch..
/me vomits all over huawei ceo.

I see some pink color in day pictures

  • Moe

Here It Comes, MR. Beauty of the World, the New Champ of All, the Best You Can Ever See, Here Is It "the P30 Pro" .. Much Much Greetings to the Designer And Everyone Who Made Any Effort to Make This Phone Show Up For Us.

  • Yannay

crazy price for a phone with no personality. i think the right price will be 600$ not mor. hard for me to imagain people who pay 1000 euro... samsung,apple are much better choises in terms of system, design and price.

  • Tony

trmuratc, 25 Mar 2019again stupid s7 edge displayAgree.
The only reason(and notch somehow) preventing me for buying this.

  • AnonD-784107

Wow looks awesome. Once again amazing stills camera. But disappointed no 4k 60fps video. This should be the norm for £1000 smartphone. Even cheaper phones. Other than that well designed and looks stunning. Well done Huawei.

Does anyone have this phone yet and if you do is it good just wanna know

  • kdv220

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2019If bootloader is again locked I will not buy this phone no matte... moreit will be, pretty sure they said they're stopping support forever with that

  • Anonymous

If bootloader is again locked I will not buy this phone no matter how is good

  • trmuratc

again stupid s7 edge display

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2019Is there any difference between using a dongle or using the head... moreIt has something to do with the DAC included in a device in how it changes audio data (digital) into audio output (analog)

As for audio quality, well... it's kinda hit or miss, but I guess jacks usually have a higher consistency in maintaining quality compared to dongles (again, it also depends on compatibility)

I accidentally pressed the 'Submit' again... *sigh*