Huawei P30 Pro to start at €930, the base P30 at €750, according to price estimates

Peter, 18 March 2019

Price estimates for the upcoming Huawei P30 flagships show they’ll try to keep below the €1,000 line. Plus, in some countries they’ll come with a generous launch gift bag to further sooth the pain in your pocket.

The Huawei P30 Pro will start at €930 for the base model with 128GB storage, according to estimates by @rquandt. The price will go up to €1,030 if you opt for the 256GB version. For comparison, the Galaxy S10+ launched at €1,000 for the base 128GB model, though it does have a microSD card slot for cheaper expansion.

The Huawei P30 targets S10e pricing with a launch price of €750 for the base version (128GB). Here's a table summary of the prices:

      Model Storage Price
      Huawei P30 Pro 256GB €1,030
      Huawei P30 Pro 128GB €930
      Huawei P30 128GB €750
      Huawei P30 lite 128GB €370

As for the freebies, there’s a fast wireless charger (MSRP €60) and a Sonos One speaker (€230). Not that only some markets will get such a launch package. The prices for the phones themselves will likely vary between European countries too.

In case you count the Huawei P30 lite as part of the family, a Polish retailer priced it at €370 (despite the P-series name, the “lite” is really a mid-ranger).

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Reader comments

SD card and IR blaster on a phone today is like buying a new diesel car... I prefer to have a phone for lazy users... and spend as less as possible using the phone...

Bro... I will compare Pixel experience with Huawei... -IR in 2019? Tv's in caffe's and bars don't know anything about BT and it comes to use rarely but it's like 0.1 $ for company to keep it... -SD Slot in 2019? I have a freakin wallet with SD c...

Bro... don't compare Pixel experience with Huawei... -IR in 2019? even my soundbar know Bluetooth control... maybe for my grandmother tv... -SD Slot in 2019? should I get another hard disk in my pockets? I have unlimited backup storage and I don...

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