Huawei P30 Pro's camera changes drastically through firmware update

Ivan, 07 June 2019

Huawei is currently rolling out a software update for the P30 Pro that's focused on improving the image quality of its camera.

The firmware, some 316MB in size, is said to improve photo quality and make colors appear more natural and authentic. Looking at some before and after shots it's clear that Huawei has also tweaked the color temperature and the HDR algorithm somewhat. Contrast appears reduced too for a more realistic look.

Huawei P30 Pro, image source: AndroidAuthority

The update ( also fixes an issue with selfie videos and lockscreen notifications when you're using a dynamic wallpaper.

As with most updates, this one is rolling out gradually and may take a while before it reaches your region. But at least it's clear that Huawei's focus on delivering software updates to existing devices hasn't faltered in light of the maker's struggles.


Reader comments

Yes, it's there, but when I activate it (p30 pro), there is no zoom function. Worse, I made today, on a sunny day, a photo of a flower, ie a non moving object, and suddenly the quality is dismal. Before, I used to brag about the quality of p30...

  • Nui

There is. But in the "more" section, where they put it as "high res" category

  • Sfiso

right after i updated my P30, the camera Resolution (48MP) was no more!

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