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  • 01 Aug 2022

Only fools buy it, 31 Jul 2022I had trust in Huawei and buy this phone only because he do... moreOh brother... 2022 and privacy?
Have you missed the century when you were time traveling?
Phone (no matter the model or manufacturer), PC, laptop, tablet ______________ (whatever, just expand the list), everything is being observed, one way or another.
I think your comment is off topic (so is mine, naturally).

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    • Only fools buy it
    • r@e
    • 31 Jul 2022

    I had trust in Huawei and buy this phone only because he don't have Google service because I hate Google and everything they present because they are spy us, but I didn't knows that Huawei spy their customers!!! But when friends show me permission for their apps and that there is not option to turn it off or delite it, I was very disappointed in Chinese friends and one thing is shure I won't ever again buy mobile phone produce from China!!! It is batter to don't use smart phones then let them spy my calls, massages, browser, videos, pictures they spy our every move that's not cool at all, I respect Chinese and they are always welcome in my country but I don't want to pay to someone spy my phone and all apps!! In my opinion that is disaster because in 2022 everybody should be able to have privacy...???

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      • SkullSamCandy
      • X5u
      • 31 Jul 2022

      JAck, 30 Jul 2022I had this phone for close to 2 years. Not having google ... moreGo to accessibility in your settings, click on the accessibility again then scroll down to downloaded services then active Apkpure Auto Install.

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        • ZipiRo
        • spb
        • 30 Jul 2022


        I am useing this phone for more than one year and it's the best phone I've ever had.

        One day I was having it in my poket, I was riding my bike realy fast and I lost control and i fall I falled on the phone and it bend a bit and my screen protector shaterd, but the phone still worked i kept it like that for one year until I made it back!

        I was so frustrated that there is no GMS, that i realy did get to have it, I needed to downgrade the phone!
        For push notification i need to disable the GMS to work and download AuroraStore!

        The Batery it's good, I am playing games for 2-3h;
        The SuperCharging works how it should, charges 70% in 30min;
        It's not laging whatever i do, every game i played i cold play it without any problems;
        It got EMUI 12, and it's so good looking now;
        I like the fingerprint position;
        The faceID works realy good too;

        It doesn't have private space, every P40 series is having it but this one doesn't;
        It doesn't have GMS(GooglePlay Services) doesn't mater because i have it :) - but it's a....
        I don't like the Huawei Browser, it's to messi;

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          • JAck
          • nyH
          • 30 Jul 2022

          I had this phone for close to 2 years.
          Not having google services is a great annoyance and is ultimately the main reason why I switched to a new phone.
          Other reason is that no more than 5 devices can connect to your hotspot.
          Thats the end of the bad stuff.
          This phone is properly fast. It was never laggy no matter what I was doing on it.
          Battery life is excellent and fast charging works as it should. (While you take a quick (10-15min) shower, phone will be charged from 0 to 70-80%)
          I did not notice any loss of battery capacity in these 2 years.
          Camera is good. Screen is very good, excellent for a non-oled. Signal strenght is top notch.
          All of these things I took for granted and noticed only after upgrading to poco f3.
          By far the most important thing i never noticed before: p40 lite stays cool. It doesnt heat up very much.
          To be honest, I'd go back to p40 lite if apps would selfupdate on apkpure. And if i could play call of duty and wild rift on it.

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            • 28 Jul 2022

            Patrick Mndebele SA, 26 Jul 2022Hi Nsy you are not alone. Since I updated to EMUI 12, Gb... moreGuys, I have this phone for year and a half and not even a sign of lagging.
            But, anyway, try the following:
            1. Wipe the partition cache, restart and check.
            2. Reinstall both gboard and swiftkey, but before you uninstall them clear cache and clear data of the apps. Then fresh reinstall. If that doesn't help either try for older versions of those apps (gboard and swiftkey). I had similar problems with gboard the first I bought the phone, and was trying version after version. After I solved the problem I never updated them both.
            Good luck and share if you made it or not.
            And, the small detail... After updating to EMUI 12 my phone became more faster and responsive.
            Waiting for you to write.
            Cheers mates!

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              • Patrick Mndebele SA
              • rjM
              • 26 Jul 2022

              Iggy 76, 10 Mar 2022Has anyone experienced slow keyboard response on latest emu... moreHi Nsy

              you are not alone. Since I updated to EMUI 12, Gboard or swiftkey or any other keyboard I try is just lagging, slowing your conversation down and very uncomfortable (annoying).

              If there is a solution which worked for you... I'd like to try it too. I am even thinking of migrating from Huawei to other brands.

              Rev Patrick Mndebele

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                • Sunmog
                • rZu
                • 25 Jul 2022

                Please guys i need your help to choose beween these two huawei nova 7i and samsung s9 plus? I want a phone that can play Pugb mobile and Coc well without any network restriction. They were actually same price in my country.

                  This phone is a really good phone for gaming!!!! You can get playsore through an application called Gspace and obtain all Google privledges...I can run game like Call of Duty mobile, Pubg mobile, Apex Legends, New State, Fortnite, Assoluto Racing, Rec Room all in high graphics without frame drop. Camera quality is wonderful in low light and it's sharp. Huawei could improve their video quality... I'm facing no problems so far. I rate it a 8 out of ten because the Google drama (can be solved) and the video quality. Either way this a really good phone!!! I recommend it

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                    • Vickey
                    • FmD
                    • 07 Jul 2022

                    I'm in the market to purchase Cell phone. I need a Low Budget, Long Battery life (min 10hrs), quality camera shots (lighting a challenge), lots of memory (min 50 pics daily), Strong body (bumps, falls and bangs), reliable for work place (used continuously). What can YOU suggest?

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                      • Dowree
                      • fsc
                      • 26 Jun 2022

                      The worst. Mobile I've ever had. Whatsapp Business needs to be update every 3 months. MTN service provider can't even assist me. Huawei representative has to be called out to help. 3 days with no business Whatsapp costs me dearly. When this contract ends, I'll never get another Huawei ever!!!

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                        • Werner
                        • Nvm
                        • 19 Jun 2022

                        Hi im using P40 lite. Will this phone recieve Android 13? Im from South Africa

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                          • Ken W
                          • Ixt
                          • 16 May 2022

                          Bought it for a year and use it everyday. Phone is fast and responsive. Google service needs to be self-installed but not a big issue. It may be a pain if you are not a solution solver. Most attractive part is the price and performance. I started my cellular life with blackbeery then iphone 4, Samsung note, S4,S5 and Hw mate 10. These were all great functional phone at their time. But P40 lite is the cheapest deal and the performance is respectable.

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                            • Simeon91
                            • LiZ
                            • 14 May 2022

                            The phone is complete trash for me...router next to me and still losin wifi conection or very poor. For me waste pf money even cheap its still not worth it.

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                              • NoMoron
                              • 3pt
                              • 02 May 2022

                              Shiro, 29 Apr 2022You can't be this stupid right? You know that huwaei i... moreHmm... I would think twice on your place before call someone "stupid"...


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                                • sofia
                                • 6tD
                                • 30 Apr 2022

                                I love this phone so much, it's cheap, performance is great, battery life is awesome! I can go 1 entire day without charging it and I even use it a lot!
                                Camera is great in my opinion. Google play services is not an issue, you can download the same apps from apk, of course sometimes some apps won't allow you to use them without google, but majority of them don't have any issue.
                                This phone has very simmilar characteristics to an overpriced standard iphone even though this is a "cheaper version" of the pro series. I can"t believe someone pays more than 600 euros for a phone with a 2000 mh battery when you can have this phone for half of the price, even better than high performance apple phones. I can't begin to imagine how good a p50 pro could be is this one already performs so well.
                                I can't think of any contras on this phone, have in mind this is not the p40 or p40 pro, so of course some things could be better, but for the price is more than yhou can expect

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                                  • Shiro
                                  • rjH
                                  • 29 Apr 2022

                                  SJ, 29 Oct 2021This phone is really not worth it. Whoever is considering t... moreYou can't be this stupid right? You know that huwaei is banned from doing business with america right? That's why the new huwaei phones don't have Google services. You know this right? It made headlines for like a year. You can't not know this

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                                    • L1F
                                    • 10 Apr 2022

                                    Alex, 03 Apr 2022P50 lite: plastic back, no frame P60 lite: no back, no frameThis is the P40 lite page, what has the P50/P60 got to do with this?

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                                      • Wawa
                                      • fnv
                                      • 07 Apr 2022

                                      Honest review:
                                      performance wise its awesome...rear camera is awesome but the front camera sucks.
                                      The pics from the front camm are blurry. ive never been this disapointed.
                                      The rear cam takes excellent night pics though.

                                      Maybe the nova series can do better with the cameras

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                                        • Alex
                                        • JEF
                                        • 03 Apr 2022

                                        Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022You can see how all these manufacturers downgrade the build... moreP50 lite: plastic back, no frame
                                        P60 lite: no back, no frame