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  • sofia
  • 6tD
  • 30 Apr 2022

I love this phone so much, it's cheap, performance is great, battery life is awesome! I can go 1 entire day without charging it and I even use it a lot!
Camera is great in my opinion. Google play services is not an issue, you can download the same apps from apk, of course sometimes some apps won't allow you to use them without google, but majority of them don't have any issue.
This phone has very simmilar characteristics to an overpriced standard iphone even though this is a "cheaper version" of the pro series. I can"t believe someone pays more than 600 euros for a phone with a 2000 mh battery when you can have this phone for half of the price, even better than high performance apple phones. I can't begin to imagine how good a p50 pro could be is this one already performs so well.
I can't think of any contras on this phone, have in mind this is not the p40 or p40 pro, so of course some things could be better, but for the price is more than yhou can expect

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    • Shiro
    • rjH
    • 29 Apr 2022

    SJ, 29 Oct 2021This phone is really not worth it. Whoever is considering t... moreYou can't be this stupid right? You know that huwaei is banned from doing business with america right? That's why the new huwaei phones don't have Google services. You know this right? It made headlines for like a year. You can't not know this

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      • Anonymous
      • L1F
      • 10 Apr 2022

      Alex, 03 Apr 2022P50 lite: plastic back, no frame P60 lite: no back, no frameThis is the P40 lite page, what has the P50/P60 got to do with this?

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        • Wawa
        • fnv
        • 07 Apr 2022

        Honest review:
        performance wise its awesome...rear camera is awesome but the front camera sucks.
        The pics from the front camm are blurry. ive never been this disapointed.
        The rear cam takes excellent night pics though.

        Maybe the nova series can do better with the cameras

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          • Alex
          • JEF
          • 03 Apr 2022

          Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022You can see how all these manufacturers downgrade the build... moreP50 lite: plastic back, no frame
          P60 lite: no back, no frame

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            • Sam
            • Nue
            • 30 Mar 2022

            My fingerprint is not working, it just left the phone. Any solution.

              Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022You can see how all these manufacturers downgrade the build... moreI even like plastic cases. Glass big NO. Aluminium or anything else downsides the battery in cold (winter and so) even the phone its self. The biggest downside of the Huawei brand is the extended memory card NM, to expensive.

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                • PATRICK NIGERIA
                • r3a
                • 18 Mar 2022

                my phone have issue with the calibrator ,how do I get it fixed

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                  • Iggy 76
                  • Nsy
                  • 10 Mar 2022

                  Has anyone experienced slow keyboard response on latest emui 12 update? I tried different keyboards still response slow

                    When this phone get EMUI12(Middle Asia)?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • XE0
                      • 28 Feb 2022

                      EMUI 12 stable update now available in South Africa - 28 February 2022 (2,50 GB).

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                        • Tano
                        • ytj
                        • 09 Feb 2022

                        Why is the video format very bruh during video calls

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                          • Fanboy
                          • B0@
                          • 04 Feb 2022

                          Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022You can see how all these manufacturers downgrade the build... moreBecause they upgrade camera cpu gpu and all about hardware. And they try to save the same price, materials is that part whenever they make compromice

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                            • VJ
                            • Nv0
                            • 03 Feb 2022

                            Big smoke, 02 Feb 2022Yes lol I receive emui 12How is it?

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                              • Big smoke
                              • Na0
                              • 02 Feb 2022

                              Tribe, 04 Jan 2022Anyone received emui 12?Yes lol I receive emui 12

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 3SI
                                • 08 Jan 2022

                                You can see how all these manufacturers downgrade the build over time

                                P20 lite: glass back, aluminum frame
                                P30 lite: glass back, plastic frame
                                P40 lite: plastic back, plastic frame

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                                  • Tribe
                                  • pcn
                                  • 04 Jan 2022

                                  Anyone received emui 12?

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                                    • Bil Gates
                                    • d%{
                                    • 31 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021I have this phone and to think i cant use this for Microsof... moreHahaha

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                                      • Jurkob56
                                      • nyH
                                      • 29 Dec 2021

                                      BublikD1, 07 Oct 2021The P40 lite does NOT have a 120hz touch sampling rate. P... moreWhat is your problem with sanplitng rate?It's 60 Hz, have 3 0 40 lite and all works fine, Kirin 810 is the best chip in that price rang abd have no problems, eveeything work fine and yes, have fm raduo.If you don't like it buy Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo etc.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Nsy
                                        • 25 Dec 2021

                                        Thats one of the huawei phone i dont want to see..... This phone have got same problem... Once the system crashes.... It will never work again... I thrown away 4 p40 lite with same problems