Huawei P40, P40 Pro to have 5G, certification confirms

Yordan, 12 March 2020

Huawei is launching its new P40 lineup through an online event later this month. We expect to see a vanilla P40, three-cam P40 Pro with periscope shooter, and P40 Premium with five cameras in a huge rectangular camera setup.

While it was expected, today we got a confirmation that all phones will have 5G variants - the vanilla and Pro option were certified by Thailand’s NTBC with the monikers Huawei P40 5G and Huawei P40 Pro 5G.

Huawei P40 5G Huawei P40 Pro 5G
Huawei P40 5G • Huawei P40 Pro 5G

The phones have model numbers ANA-NX9 and ELS-NX9 and the certification does not reveal anything else. Having 5G connectivity, however, it's clear that they will sport the Kirin 990 5G chipset.

According to another certification that popped up earlier this month, the Huawei P40 Pro will have 40W fast charging, while the basic P40 will stick to 22.5W. We know Huawei already has a 55W charging solution used in the Mate X and Mate Xs, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Premium variant gets to match the foldable phones.

The event is scheduled for March 26 and when the date comes, we’ll provide a stream for you to follow it live on our website.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I guess there are more important health issues worldwide than begging for a 5g version of a phone

they sold more phones than apple so Huawei number one. samsung doesnt even have a share on the world biggest phone market!

Who cares. 5g won't really break through until 2021 anyway.

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