Huawei P40 Pro+

Huawei P40 Pro+

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  • Anonymous

GroZnik, 21 Apr 20201400€ WTF ?Like Galaxy S20 Ultra, but at a better 100x zoom camera

  • Shahhid pk

Mihaela, 21 Apr 2020Impressive camera. Attractive design. Fantastic 40W fast wireles... moreHelo friend my mobile huawei p10 not showing sim card manger I farmet 5 time but not show option wht I do any body help please reply me

  • Mihaela

Impressive camera. Attractive design. Fantastic 40W fast wireless charging. I personally wouldn't bother so much with Google issuses, because there are many ways to download popular apps: transfer with Phone Clone, find them in Huawei AppGallery or simply use MoreApps.

  • GroZnik

1400€ WTF ?

Felix Sartre, 17 Apr 2020What is the difference between P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus ?well, the P40 Pro + has a 2nd telephoto camera with OIS and 3x optical zoom wich plays a good part in terms of having a great cameras. They both have the periscope 8mp telephoto camera but that 1 extra telephoto on P40 Pro+ makes a diffrence when taking pictures. Also P40 Pro + has faster wirless charging.

Raihan BD, 16 Apr 2020I can see many people are blaming that why Huawei's price is not... morenice thinking and I agree, this whole Google issue sholud not have to be the reason to forget that this is a high class phone with modern and fascinating technology in all kinds and all that comes with the price that I personally consider reasonable

  • sayabosanhidup

AlexP, 20 Apr 2020$1400 for 8gb of RAM and no Google service??? It's better wait f... morei would spend that amount
just to get the optical zoom

Wait a minute... expected release on June 2020? Really?

Dr.EvoX, 20 Apr 2020People act like China and Huawei sre the only ones spying on cit... moreWell look, its all speculation. I mean, i cant do anything about the situation so i mind as well get the phone wich i want. Currently checking out P40 Pro+ and it looks rly sharp. I checked out the new AppGallery they have and its simple to use it, u even have a "side" app called MoreApps wich u can use for downloading google apps. Some people even say that reccomending apps helps them to get around faster.

  • Dr.EvoX

People act like China and Huawei sre the only ones spying on citizens. How do you think Apple and Google know exactly which apps you like, what sort of shoes, clothes etc.,where you like to go out to eat . Thats just a tiny bit of the info they gather on a daily basis.

$1400 for 8gb of RAM and no Google service??? It's better wait for Xperia 1 II for $1200 (4k display and Google service)

Arman81, 17 Apr 2020have google play?no, this phone has no Google play but there are many ways to download and use Google apps on this phone, first you can transfer your apps from old phone to new one with phone clone, and there is Huawei AppGallery that has many popular apps to download, or More Apps as well

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2020"you need to know where to buy" nice advice, i wouldn't want my... moreyou mean aside from US spying on all your calls and messages? why would you care for China spying on you? it just one more country than before xD
compare to that malware is harmless

  • Anonymous

krissy, 16 Apr 2020you need to know where to buy ;) and if you buy without you can ... more"you need to know where to buy"
nice advice, i wouldn't want my phone come with GMS and several malware pre-installed

  • Anonymous

Felix Sartre, 17 Apr 2020What is the difference between P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus ?The Huawei P40 Pro Plus has a five-camera system on the rear while the Huawei P40 Pro features a four-camera setup on the rear. Huawei P40 Pro Plus has a ceramic rear and P40 Pro has glass

  • Anonymous

Arman81, 17 Apr 2020have google play?You have most apps on Huawei AppGallery and there is application MoreApps where you can find most popular application.

  • N8/808/Lumia950/P30P

I forgot about display. It is first display that have scratches in mobile device I ever had since 1995?, 1997? I don't remember. I never used any screen protector, special covers, or cases in N97, N8, N808, Lumia 950XL ,iPhone? I never opened iPhone i received as gift. Im apple user since 1988? So I know their weaknesses. Right now I'm trying to restore iPad Pro. Drama. P30Pro 256 would be finished 10times during same time

  • N8/808/Lumia950/P30P

P30PRO is the best phone I've ever had but the worst camera I've ever got. too much sharpening, smoothing, no memory of your own settings. delayed shutter release. taking a picture of a child in a jump is a miracle. In the position you want! Nokia 808 after a year of inactivity, I turn on, the camera has -0.3EV, which I set, all settings and does what it wants despite its limitations, such as lack of exposure time control. but everything can be mastered, even sports photography. perfectly selected image parameters. 8mpx files are more natural and detailed than with the full P30Pro resolution. if you want to take good pictures, you need to do RAW and spend some time processing. Forget about sport, so the shutter is slow. In Lumia 950XL you can do Rawy in series up to 20? frames ... Ah and a lot of vignetting in rawa. Video? the same, too much edge sharpening, embellishing, smoothing. The Pro option is a joke.
I make movies in a program from the Snopp gimbal. Lower bitrate and better quality, even than Filmic Pro, which I bought and returned.
There is no simple function called in Nokia Hyperfocal which gives a sharp image from 0.5 meters to infinity. Very useful for quick photos. P30Pro is very inaccurate. That's all? no. But other than that I love this phone. All day, on two sim cards with data and GPS plus photo and video enabled. Cool. But I take the Lumie950XL with me because it's faster and gives better pictures of Raw. JPG is also tragic. Here Nokia808 was 10 years ahead of the world. there is still no competition. THERE IS NO,

AKW2020, 18 Apr 2020Hey, What is the difference between IR TOF 3D and normal tof?3D TOF camera is more precisely when scanning objects with infrared light. Regular TOF camera does the same when scanning objects but in 3D they look much better and detailed. Huawei always had that on their flagship phones and is one of the reasons why their cameras are one of the best in the world.

Hey, What is the difference between IR TOF 3D and normal tof?