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Kev, 21 Apr 2021I am a Huawei user with a P30 Pro; and yes, I also dislike ... moreFrom what i can tell, the only mode that can take pics with almost right colors is the 'wide' mode (the slighder on the right shows '1x' if you slide down you get to 'wide');
now don't get me wrong, i tried everything i could, and still can't get the colors on the pics to what i see with my own eyes;
yes, but to compare pics across the phones, i use the PC, so, any setting that alters phone screen colors has nothing to do with my comparison; yes, i tried the camera app filters on the photos, still no use, in fact if i use that on MiNote10, then it destroys any competition;

i did compare all phones i have on different settings, i tried auto, but most of the time i tested the Pro mode, bcoz the MiNote10 did set a quite extreme standard, of which i had no idea until i bought other flagships;

yes, P40Pro can take awesome pics at night, if the object is let's say not further than 10~15meters away, then the pics look as if they were taken with daylight;
but, for any other objects at night, Pro or Auto mode, doesn't matter, the pics have tons of artifacts and colors i don't know they came from;
best result was in Auto mode, but rather by coincidence,50MP, ISO 65535 @1/17sec;
even Samsung S20Ultra beats P40Pro at taking pics at night, and both phones have difficulties with focus at night;

and then comes Xiaomi, not only the pics are better, you can zoom in too, and due to few artifacts the file size is way smaller at 108MP than P40Pro does at 50MP , we are talking here about 25% in file size difference;
Xiaomi beats also the S20Ultra in file size and quality, daylight pics will be up to 30% bigger in file size on the S20Ultra;
meanwhile S20Ultra can keep up with MiNote10 in daylight pics...but still not in the file size;

guess i will have to waste some of my time and make a video comparing the pic and maybe video quality, this will make quite a lot of ppl cry :))

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bobi757, 15 Mar 2021Bro are you high ??? P40 Pro is of course better then Mi No... moreoh boy he is high
always has been

u just go look at his ig & no one will insert
their ig in d comment sections but he did
i am planning to buy a huawei really soon

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krissy, 18 Apr 2021ahh the feature that works with extreme low resolution and ... moreI am a Huawei user with a P30 Pro; and yes, I also dislike the smudged colors now and then.
What I tend to do is take RAW images, or with the Master AI switched off. Such images tend to look natural. Also, when you are taking night mode photos, Huawei totally nails the colors when you stick it onto a tripod, as it uses 12 to 25 seconds on the exposure. You can be impatient and use auto, and get a photo that can occasionally look totally wrecked, such as the colorful but smudged images at 409,600 ISO.

Xiaomi gets the colors right due to it preferring to adjust the images and take its time. However, Huawei likes to take the photo as fast as possible and many times forgets image colors. You can always tinker with the settings to counteract this.

Also.....what color temperature setting is your Huawei phone on? As Linus Tech Tips pointed at some ASUS phones, he hated their cameras until he realized that it was the default display color that was messing the photos up, colorwise.

To address the slow motion.....Well, there isn't much to say apart from that it's equally terrible across any phone, due to the incredibly fast speed the shutter has to take the frames at.

Shui8, 18 Apr 2021Again, your understanding & statements are very funny. ... moreahh the feature that works with extreme low resolution and requires a supernova to light up your moving target;
yea, totally useful in daily life, unlike getting the right colors in pictures - no one needs that right?
*sarcasm intensifies*

krissy, 18 Apr 2021yea, P40pro has a dedicated software to take pics that are ... moreAgain, your understanding & statements are very funny. 🤦

What the other guy mean are slow motion video, where P40 Pro can provide 7680fps & 1920fps @ 720p & 960fps @ 1080p. P40 still hold the top spot on that regards.

Lol, 16 Apr 2021Try to capture splash of water using your mi note 10 And h... moreyea, P40pro has a dedicated software to take pics that are merged together 'light painting' and 4 different modes;
yea, only the thing with the sky can not be done with MiNote10 as it allows only 30sec exposure, and nothing beyond that;
but with the water, set the exposure time to let's say 1sec, and ISO....well depending on the light, 100 to 400, and you will get your silky water effect;

yea, just the software, all phones can do that...that is why neither S20Ultra nor P40Pro can use the full resolution that much in Pro mode, not as much as MiNote10 allows that, if only that phone could take as good videos as the P40pro or S20Ultra;
it is funny that p40Pro gets the colors right in videos, but can't in photos 😅
that is one of the reasons i can't use it for pics, bcoz then i would have to adjust all pics

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Which is best for super slowmotion videos
Ang capturing moving objects like
Splash of water. .

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krissy, 12 Apr 2021if you have a tripod and know a spot where you can take a p... moreTry to capture splash of water using your mi note 10
And how about slow motion videos?

Peterthecat, 11 Apr 2021I have the Mi note 10 and my partner has the simple P40, th... moreif you have a tripod and know a spot where you can take a pic at night of some city.... go Pro mode on the Mi Note10, switch to 108MP camera, set 'S' to 2seconds or 4seconds and 'ISO' to 400; that setting gives very nice pics at night, sadly P40Pro can not beat that;
the second closest phone to obtain quite good quality at night pics, would be the S20Ultra which slowly catches up to the quality level of Xiaomi Mi Note10;
if not for the videos that seem to stutter, MiNote10 would beat both of the other mentioned phones taking videos at night in 4K!
bcoz if i pause the video, MiNote10 has best quality, altho none of the phones takes a reasonable video at night;

i went for the P40pro thinking it can really take better pics than MiNote10, but the truth is, even phones with same camera can't 🤣 S20Ultra users will be crying right now, phone twice as expencive, not only takes worse pics and videos, but it's full of failed updates.
Yea, and P40Pro get's literally no updates.

Ofc i have to mention: P40Pro takes awesome videos at 4K, that video stabilization is out of this world, while it doesn't seem to have a setting for it 🤨. Unlocking is extremely fast, with same speed at night as on day, only the Mate10pro can unlock with it's finger print ID with same speed, but not face ID, P40Pro is number one.Unlocking S20Ultra is like a game of luck, it may unlock or it may not unlock, and the Face a joke.

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krissy, 26 Mar 2021hmm, yea i lived for a short while in the misconception tha... moreI have the Mi note 10 and my partner has the simple P40, the photos of the Mi note 10 have colors that are extremely faithful to reality, much more than the P40 which distorts the colors, especially indoors. The P40 is better at selfies and takes better photos in low light in automatic mode. On the other hand, the night mode of the P40 denature the scene. Once the night mode is activated on the Mi note 10, the quality of the photos is excellent in low light. So I tend to agree with your analysis.

pane, 01 Apr 2021the future is the technology of "liquid lenses" i... morenot the future at all, sound and vibrations have a strong effect on liquids, such lens would get different density in form of waves caused by the sound/vibrations, so a no go

krissy, 26 Mar 2021hmm, yea i lived for a short while in the misconception tha... morethe future is the technology of "liquid lenses" in the camera

  • Judy

Cons :4200 mah battery only for a weight of 209 grs. No stereo speakers for a flagship. Selfie cam is ugly too long like s10 plus.

pane, 26 Mar 2021Samsung s20 ultra and Mi 10 Pro features a similar 108 MP s... morehmm, yea i lived for a short while in the misconception that the S20Ultra uses the 12MP to take pics in 'photo' mode, but it seems it indeed uses the 108MP instead (if set to 'x1' which is default), and you can even watch jerry tearing down both S20ultra and Mi Note10, and he actually couldn't tell the 108MP cameras apart 😅 pretty much the exactly same senor, lenses may be different but who knows;
yes, 12MP by the S20 vs 20MP by the Mi Note10 vs 8MP(or 10MP, one of those was 16:9) by the P40Pro;
in daylight i have not noticed any probs with focusing on any of those phones, but at night only Mi Note10 could focus on objects - or rather light sources that are kilometers away;
P40Pro takes okish pics at night if the objects are close range (max 10meters? less?) , then pics look like taken in daylight, but everything else looks extremely bad.

What i would do, is to put the 108MP into the P40Pro instead of 50MP, reconfigure the camera app from Xiaomi to work on Huawei, and use speakers from some SONY phone = perfect phone;
S20Ultra needs updates, if it gets those, it will be number one along with Mi Note10 if it comes to pic quality at day and night. Too bad i can't put here any samples of the pics.

need to add, the video quality and stabilization @4k on theP40Pro is awesome!

krissy, 25 Mar 2021Mi Note 10 and S20Ultra have the exact same 108MP camera, M... moreSamsung s20 ultra and Mi 10 Pro features a similar 108 MP sensor but Samsung not just 4x but 9x -(0.8 µm pixel) pixel binning , accordingly the resulting image is 12 MP large,while mi 10 pro are combined into a single (1.6 µm pixel) 4x pixel binning. The P40 Pro features the brand-new 50 MP RYYB sensor with a size of 1/1.28-inches. It is thus much larger than the one on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra and comes with a pixel size of 1.22 µm.
The Huawei P40 Pro had trouble focusing on the object in the foreground, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and P40 Pro showcased major lack in focus, while Xiaomi’s flagship phone offered the highest level of focus and the most natural color representation in zoom levels
The best portrait photo are captured by the Samsung S20 Ultra, but wide angle photos were unexpectedly poor.
Low-light photography is arguably the toughest and most challenging situation for smartphone cameras, and once again Huawei’s P40 Pro is the king of the hill albeit its Android competitors managed to catch up quite nicely but Huawei’s flagship probably offers the best main camera due to its low noise ratio in low-light scenarios.

Livius, 26 Mar 2021Don't talk if you have no idea what are you talking ab... more....destroyed themselves? by all means, the phone is extremely fast, face/figner ID unlocking works not only very well, but very fast and works each time(a lot faster than S20Ultra), it's just the phone gets no updates....
i mean, the rear camera would be more acceptable if the colors were accurate, atm they are not, and while at night you can take pics that rival daylight, it means nothing bcoz if the object is further than like 10meters it can't focus and the pic quality is junk, so only on close range the pics are fine (Xiaomi Mi Note10 can focus at full night on objects like city lights that are few kilometers away, gets colors accurate at night too 👌 no fancy colors or noise that came from who knows where)

i however did not compare selfie cameras, that is not why i buy phones with good rear cameras

JFK, 25 Mar 2021Lul people comparing P40 pro camera to the Trash Xiaomi Mi ... moreDon't talk if you have no idea what are you talking about. Your comment is just pure BS without any argument. You think that a simple thing like the brand name can beat another phone. Your vision is very small to non existang. Look at Tech tablets on Mi 10 Ultra camera and video review and then come back to say something about the quality. At this moment Huawei has destroyed their own phones with the latest updates, reduced the camera performance especially with the front facing camera. You never hold a P40 Pro in your hands not to mention one.

JFK, 25 Mar 2021Lul people comparing P40 pro camera to the Trash Xiaomi Mi ... moreMi Note 10 and S20Ultra have the exact same 108MP camera, Mi Note10 takes better pics than S20 Ultra....maybe an update to the Samsung will change that;

and no, P40Pro takes worse pics from all of these 3 phones i mentioned.
In the 50MP AI mode, when it takes best pics and takes at least 2~3sec when there is enough sunlight VS Xiaomi or Samsung 0.2sec? maybe even less, where the quality is better;
so this is a comparison of a phone that needs few seconds in order to take pics good enough that can be compared to Xiaomi or Samsung;
I got all 3 phones, where P40Pro can't be outran in face ID unlock, and is equally fast as Mate10pro if finger ID unlocking, then Mi Note10, bcoz it's almost as fast as the P40pro, last comes S20 Ultra, bcoz you need a supernova in your face in order to unlock the phone, and finger ID will fail like 4 from 10 tries;
Battery life is best on P40Pro, then S20Ultra ans Mi Note10....but if you torture the phone for 9hrs straight, Mi Note10 will still have few% of the battery left, while S20Ultra and P40Pro are long dead.

if S20Ultra get's finger/face ID fixed, and they get their hands on the camera software from Xiaomi, then the S20Ultra will be the best phone on the market....iPhone with it's best phone, can not beat any of the mentioned phones, not even P40pro if it comes to pic quality, hardware or software.....bit iPhone 12 has been optimized to play media longer, therefor even with smaller battery it can be worthy opponent to Mi Note10or S20Ultra

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beep bop boop, 15 Mar 2021i agree moreLul people comparing P40 pro camera to the Trash Xiaomi Mi camera? Did you even watch reviews? This phone easily Beats Brand like that when it comes to Camera Spec even Beat S20 ultra and iP11 Pro Max.

krissy, 16 Mar 2021keep on living in your fantasy world, and no, after i trash... moreYou can say whatever you want.

I'll stick with my point & observation. You stick with yours.