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krissy, 16 hours ago"If we talk with facts we would talk about the better,... moreAnd then you say you are not a fanboy.

You are the only person who says the mi note 10 has that good camera. Even the most trusted reviewer in my country who never accepts review units and makes a video only if he has something to say said the camera is not perfect and that the p30 pro is about as good camera wise. You either don't remember well or you don't want to remember.

captain fokou, 21 hours agoIf we talk with facts we would talk about the better, bigge... more"If we talk with facts we would talk about the better, bigger main sensor on the p40 pro and s20 ultra." and MiNote10 still takes better pics with it's 108MP sensor, so how are teh others better?

Yes telephoto is terrible on the xiaomi if compared to P40Pro, but Samsung wins without any doubt.
Yes, the reason i got the other phones was bcoz MiNote10 was kinda slow, i have no doubt about that either, if you would read my previous comments, you would know that P40Pro has a better response to everything, and is extremely fast in unlocking, as opposed to S20Ultra which is the slowest in unlocking of the 3 phones.

I never claimed that Xiaomi MiNote10 is a better phone than Huawei P40Pro or S20Ultra, i just said that it takes best pictures, S20Ultra takes the second place, and P40Pro the last place.
Even at night where the P40pro should actually be best, other phones just take better pictures.

krissy, 21 hours agosorry for being a fanboy of facts.If we talk with facts we would talk about the better, bigger main sensor on the p40 pro and s20 ultra. The far superior ultra wide on the p40 pro and advanced telephoto cameras on the s20 ultra(4x 48mp) and p40 pro(5x 12mp ryyb). And of course we should not forget the better and more advanced software huawei and Samsung has (remember we are talking about a 2019 xiaomi phone). The fact you might have tested the three of them on different situations, lighting conditions and different software versions doesn't make you an authority by any means.

Because I can see the respond "hardware does not mean everything" I have to inform you xiaomi ii not Google.

captain fokou, 19 Sep 2021Why are we even talking to a fanboy. It's like trying ... moresorry for being a fanboy of facts.

krissy, 26 Aug 2021as can be seen on the pics i took, and the cropped version,... moreWhy are we even talking to a fanboy. It's like trying to make a dog think it's a cat

isac, 04 Sep 2021i have a question, why the photo and video test post on... morecoincidence, all phones can take pics with artifacts once a while, the phone you have right now does too

  • isac

i have a question,

why the photo and video test post on gsmarena, are so blur on the right side ? is it lens , hardaware, software ?

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021The Haptics are inferior to the Samsung and OnePlus flagshi... morehahaha, a good joke,
Huwei is the best out there, and the OnePlus is not bad, it's similar to Xiaomi phones, which are worse than Huawei phones if it comes to screens and optimization of the battery life.
However i have to mention, that the MiNote10 can run 9hours straight on google maps navigating, and there was no other phone i owned to this day that could beat that.

The S20 and S21 series is worse than Huawei P40pro in almost any aspect, one of the few things that Samsung did better is to curve the screen less than Huawei did, and the S21 has a better speaker.

Shui8, 26 Aug 2021I dont know why u still insist about 50mp/108mp debacle 🤦. ... moreas can be seen on the pics i took, and the cropped version, the best what Huawei can do, and the 50MP AI is slightly better than the 'photo' mode which is some 12MP, and then you see what Xiaomi did, you can read the whole sign from the 108MP MiNote10 photo, but can't from the you tell me the version where you can't read it is better?

dude, are you serious?
and on the cropped pics of that plate on the wall, Huawei seems to add artifacts in order to get lucky and gain some details, this technique is used in restoring old movies, you add grain and then you filter the frames;
i would assume Huawei tries to assume shapes, thus the fancy thing that happened to that white sign.

why did i crop the pics? how else can you tell which pic has more details?

those pics were hand held, and even then did Xiaomi won the competition, totally destroying the crappy S20Ultra, and the P40pro; just imagine if i used the tripod, but that would be not fair since then the Xiaomi would be far superior and i could use the pro mode on it, and with pro mode there is no competition to the MiNote10 phone.

i said the 108MP will beat anything that comes out of P40pro, and you saw the proof.
I was surprised that none of the phones managed to capture the text from the plate on the wall, as well that the Samsung did not improve with switching to the 108MP, i guess it's just resizing the 108MP pic to 12MP and there is no magic at all.

Well, the discussion is over.

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021The Haptics are inferior to the Samsung and OnePlus flagshi... moreGood for you. And what phone you're using now after trade the P40?

krissy, 26 Aug 2021the pics i took were on the very same day, usually minutes ... moreI dont know why u still insist about 50mp/108mp debacle 🤦. Its no use on tiny sensor. Even text on Xiaomi & Samsung worse than Huawei. And for what you crop the image in high magnification? Are u gonna use the very high cropped image? No right?

'50mp AI' are high res photo with pseudo long exposure + stacked images.Of course it takes longer, useful in certain scene & dynamic range increases. If u want instant 50mp, dont use AI & its taken less than 2 second. And again, color correction is less processed in 50mp, other shows better because Huawei using RYYB. Huawei's color more accurate in 12.5mp.

Annndddd again I dont care about high res in smartphone sensor. Pixel-binned res is. The rest of the world prefer it as well. It got better overall aspects than high res that only provide a bit of details.

This is getting tiresome already. Go to basic photography class then come back to me.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 26 Aug 2021- battery one of the best out there. - every other phone t... moreThe Haptics are inferior to the Samsung and OnePlus flagships. I've used cheaper phones with far superior haptics. Like I said, typing was weak and buzzy. And you're right, I don't own the phone... ANYMORE. I sent it back to Huawei for a refund.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021What an overrated phone. I was willing to overlook the lack... more- battery one of the best out there.
- every other phone that have curve display behave the same way.
- Auto image processing afterwards, that is the cause not the same as viewfinder. It becomes better. If u want it to be synchronize, use Pro Mode.
- Haptic is one of the best out there.

At this point, I dont even think u own the phone.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021What an overrated phone. I was willing to overlook the lack... morecan't agree in some aspects;
New phones is always to be put on charging....whatever percentage of the battery it shows first , is not true, the phones are not being charged by the manufacturer.

Curved screens suck, yes, agree to that, but P40Pro is not the worst if it comes to curved screens.
A for the 'haptic feedback' , there is no phone maker out there that makes this better than Huawei, you can only get worse phones, the precision of touch on the P40Pro is as expected - superior.

Shui8, 25 Aug 2021That statement according to you. Not to Professional Photog... morethe pics i took were on the very same day, usually minutes a part, and if i used a tripod i tried to not move the tripod while swapping the phones;
I took all pics myself and can tell how close the pics are to what i saw.

The pics you linked were taken months apart....some of them have leaves on the trees and some don't, and like i said Xiaomi did get some updates;

.... here are pics from today, with a watermark, except i can't find that option on the S20Ultra;
2 pics per phone, 'photo' mode, AR 4:3 , and also highest/best resolution, which means that P40pro had pic taken with the '50MP AI'
No night mode.

more info? well, neither Xiaomi nor Samsung asked to 'hold the phone still to sharpen the photo' , this means both took the pic pretty much instantly in both modes/resolutions,
....except Huawei, in 'photo mode' did exactly the opposite, no instant pic can be taken, and the 50MP AI took some 2,5seconds to create the pic;

colors....again Xiaomi did best the other two phones, in both resolution Xiaomi has probably exactly same colors, Samsung slightly differs from pic to pic, Huawei got the colors wrong again, can easily tell that both pics have different tint;

google Photos->

  • Anonymous

What an overrated phone. I was willing to overlook the lack of GMS if the rest of the phone was solid but unfortunately there's too many compromises. When I first got the phone, the battery was at 57%. I restarted my phone after a software update and suddenly the battery was at 0% and needed recharging. Whut??? The curved screen is an eyesore with the discoloration at the sides. The camera previews suddenly change color before you take a photo. Reviews said the haptic feedback is good but it's trash. When I enable haptics on the keyboard, each press was weak and buzzy. Not crisp or tactile at all.
Hard pass for me.

krissy, 25 Aug 2021P40pro's 'pixel-binned quality' is worse tha... moreThat statement according to you. Not to Professional Photographer, GSMarena, DxO or everyone else. No one agrees with you. The only better thing in 108mp are a lil bit better in details. Thats it. The rest of aspect such as dynamic range, fringing, noise control, blown highlights, artifacts, contrast are always better on the pixel-binned size. Theres nothing wrong having 12mp over a 108mp, given the camera sensor size.

P40 Pro 12.5mp -
Mi Note 10 Pro 108mp -

Pixel-binned low lights;
P40 Pro 12.5mp -
Mi Note 10 Pro 27mp -

See the differences? Even a simple basic knowledge in photography can just know P40 Pro are overall the better one, by mile. If u dont, I cant help you and stop spreading false statement around by your words. Its embarassing.

Shui8, 25 Aug 2021If got anything to do with the blade of the fan, like I sai... moreP40pro's 'pixel-binned quality' is worse than a 108MP pic, explain that.

krissy, 25 Aug 2021....the blades of the fan reflect light....or if they are t... moreIf got anything to do with the blade of the fan, like I said its got nothing to do about the image produced as locked by the Auto processing in the camera settings. The characteristic between 50mp & 12mp still different.

You wrong about a week review from it, now correcting your statement? GSMarena had tones of phones to be compared with rather than you which has a bit. I trust them more than your bizzare comparison method which by your own terms, and not the same as everyone else.

The colors got fixed in Night Mode are its telephoto. Its understandable as the sensor is smaller, slower aperture & the lights are more challenging at night. Do u have a problem of understanding the words?

12mp itself already exceeds a 4K monitor. And u still didnt answer my question, what will u do with that 108mp produced by small smartphone camera sensor? Just a satisfaction by pixel peeping in a monitor?

Decent quality 20mp must at least have 1" sensor size (pixel-binned or bayer sensor res). Its a long way to go for a smartphone, as ergonomics & usefullness design has to be considered.

I dont deny high res even in small sensor produce greater details (minimal), along with your sample. But it also sacrifices dynamic range, noise level, image stacking, contrast, color accuracy (especially Huawei's RYYB), demosaicing, artifacts etc. All you care is about details, details & details above all. When people compared smartphone camera performance, they want to know the pixel-binned quality, as its the most optimized one. Even Professional agrees with it (only use 100mp in Medium Format sensor). But considering by your photo samples that shows your lack of any compositioning & skills, looks like you still has limited knowledge in terms of photography. Sorry I has to say it.

Shui8, 25 Aug 2021Those LED are on the frame, not interupted by the fan at al... more....the blades of the fan reflect light....or if they are transparent then it will have even greater effect on the pictures taken;

....long term review posted on May 2020, and the phone was released 7th April 2020, yea, earliest pics with date of 07.05 and oldest 25.05, yea slightly over 2weeks of time span, true it's longer than one week 🤣 what do i know, i own the phone for about 1year , silly me *sarcasm end*

and you can clearly see in all of the night pics, they are either yellowish or greenish tinted, too bad the guy who took pics didn't had any other phone to compare to;
he even said taht some colors got fixed in the night mode.....he clearly is not blind 😅

yes, everything bigger than 4K resolution will be digitally downscaled, this means, it does that pixel binning you are so found of, but does not degrade the quality while downscaling, loseless downscaling - bcoz the output file size doesn't matter.
Try it yourself, take a high resolution pic and a low resolution- that is close to resolution of your screen, watch them both on your PC.....noticed something?
Pic resolution needs to be far greater then the device you are watching it on.

and like i said, as the time passes by, the standards change, soon phones will have 250MP cameras made by Samsung;
8K is the current highest standard for TVs, and in few months will be for PC monitors, so having pics from the past in potato quality will not make me happy at all.

I can see that daylight and nighttime 108MP pics are better than what P40pro can do, that is a fact and nothing can change that, the link to the google photos i posted earlier is the proof, how can you deny what you see?