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Huawei P50

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No google play services means that this phone is useless unless you can get a custom rom on it

These camera lenses are way to huge! They could have fit like 4 to 8 lenses in their! And if some phone cases won't fit right because of how huge the lenses are you have to make your own ridiculous camera screen protector or something

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Fake or not, I'd take this camera module design over the classic "putting useless macro/depth cameras just for the count" design that we are getting on almost all phones these days.

  • Sk

Strange camera design !!!

  • Anonymous

Omg the camera bump 🤣

Cool design but I've already switched to Oneplus

  • Anonymous

Those who are hating this camera layout, this is not the camera design of the actual phone, which is way better. This photo is from @Onleaks who is a fake leakster. He always gives misleading info and renders of upcoming products. Previously he gave fake renders of a lot of samsung oneplus huawei products but none of them were close to reality.

all i have to say is

what the flip is that camera 😨😨🤯

Android 10 ??
And what about Android 11 ?? or EMUI 12 ??

I don't want Harmony OS.

  • N10Llover

Im sorry but that is the ugliest camera bump ever. There like frisbees on a camera bump.

  • Anonymous

some random dude, 12 Mar 2021What the hell is that rumored camera designLmao,looks like it has some binoculars instead of cameras

  • Jiki

Those main cameras looks like Drum pads.

i really waiting for ( Huawei P50 Pro+ )

  • Ayaz

worst camera look

What the hell is that rumored camera design