Huawei P50

Huawei P50

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  • Augustin.G

Very ugly. I like Huawei, but this is ugly ☹️

  • Diamon

Copying samsung last year design

Cool looking cameras but no sd card slot + no 3.5mm jack = no buy.

Last p40 is really good dimension at 147 x 70...quite disappointed with this p50

If that was a speaker it would be loud xD
Just Joking
This Camera Sensor is Quite big , just big as a compact camera
Or phantom 4 drone camera

Arte8800, 13 Mar 2021No 8k recording. No 16gb Ram. It'll definitely have 8K possibly @30 or even 60 fps.

  • Kiril

Hope that isn't the camera,it looks hideous with only two huge cameras.The display looks fine but future is uncertain for Huawei so the P40 and the Mate 40 series is best we got.

  • Anonymous

Look at how they murdered my phone

so there is two circles and 3 cameras, are they going to fit 2 cameras in one circle cus if so, it would looks pretty hideous

  • keypad phone

Uncle D, 13 Mar 2021Then we have real innovation at the century, speakers with ... morekeypad phone still the best and it is very secured. no android no ios no harmony(aka open source android with a ui/ux huawei skin touch).

Arte8800, 13 Mar 2021No 8k recording. No 16gb Ram. why do you need 16gb of ram on a phone?

  • Arte8800

No 8k recording.
No 16gb Ram.

Man why aren't those cameras horizontal, it'd look way better.

AirY, 13 Mar 2021Best camera qualityThis is still a Quad Bayer sensor with an RYYB Bayer filter, so I wouldn't hold my breath on it despite being 1".

Rahat2, 13 Mar 2021It's not about stabilization, the size of that main ca... moreLol dude, DSLRs use APS-C or Full Frame format. 1" sensor is mostly found on a compact camera.

That camera sensor is THICK!

  • TechNoob

This phone really represent the "Theres a phone in my camera" concept

As, 13 Mar 2021I think these are not cameras but speakersThen we have real innovation at the century, speakers with the best mobile camera, Huawei really rocks πŸ“ΈπŸ’ͺ🏻🀫

  • Erin

The P50 is taller and wider than the P40. I guess the P60 will be taller and wider than the P50.

blazko95, 13 Mar 2021You will probably think this is stupid, but I think its 3 o... moreπŸ‘