Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro

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[deleted post]No 5g in your house before 2024 too

  • Andro22

Good device but no 5G 😁😁 WHYYY ?!!!!

  • acabz

no 5g

  • Anonymous

This is a cracking good handset but the oppression and imperialism by USA and Western countries have rendered it useless. I have to say that this phone is difficult to recommend and buy due to the lack of 5G radios.

Dudenoway, 03 Aug 2021No 5g? 90% of country don't have 5g No WiFi 7?are u j... moreAlso 150w charging? 160w charging is only released in infinix CONCEPT DEVICE only and not a regular phone. And as if 67w isn't lightning fast enough

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2021No 5G. No wifi 7. No 150 Watts charge. 2 years old Proc... moreNo 5g? 90% of country don't have 5g
No WiFi 7?are u joking huawei can absolutely make WiFi 7 when it isn't even released
2 year old processor? Kirin 9000 is 2 Yr old haha good joke. You do realiza its just been one year since the launch of the p40 series. Plus they have limited stock and like in October November it will go out of stock and sd 888 will be used.

ClausG76, 31 Jul 2021How can they both be 1.6 qm when they are both 1/2" bu... moreDifferent sensor

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021No 5G really downgrade this for a flagship device like seri... moreBecause 5g will definitely be available to everyone before 2024. Fan fact, some people got 4G 3 years ago in there houses, and I am not taking about India or Africa.

  • Anonymous

Legend reborn . They always had best cameras on their phones . Same gonna be this year new camera king

Love you Huawei ...magical 💪👑😍👌🥇👊

Radu, 01 Aug 2021I think this is the best camera on market.We will see that when the phone will be out, but knowing Huawei this surely be in top 5.

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021No 5G really downgrade this for a flagship device like seri... moreNo, it will not be the norm in many countries. Maybe in USA and Japan it will be the norm, or in South Korea, but how about India, Russia, and many African countries?

Nnabazz, 28 Jul 2021Quite sad. No Google,no phone. It's as simple as thatare you f serious?

  • Comentor

Very disgusting design, r.i.p. huawei

so... 600 / 800 eur. the prices are valid where? how much the transport, import taxes and what about vat? in europe the vat is some 19-25%. applied on top of the starting price + import taxes. sometimes on top of transport too. warranty?

  • Anonymous

CICARITO, 02 Aug 2021I'm glad some of the manufacturers are finally bringin... morewe've had gold for ages

iphone xs and 11 series
galaxy s10 5g
s8 and s9 also had it too i believe
p40 last year

  • Anonymous

Hammad Amjad, 31 Jul 2021It's a fun to use mobile without GMShighly agreed, i actually borrowed the Huawei Mate 40 pro of my big brother and even without GMS it rocks and quite of a unique experience

I'm glad some of the manufacturers are finally bringing back the gold models of phones, it's definitely my favorite color, still remember the Galaxy S6 and IPhone 6 gold version, beautiful phones, nowadays every phone is just classic black and white models, boring and ugly AF.

  • Anonymous, 01 Aug 2021They also need Appdevopers to get into Appgallery for thats... moreyea good luck with that

  • Anonymous

No 5G really downgrade this for a flagship device like seriously. 5G is getting adapted fast like maybe next year itll be the norm.