Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro

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Nnabazz, 28 Jul 2021Quite sad. No Google,no phone. It's as simple as thatGoogle is not end of the world and soon or later harmony can proven its even better.

Looks like best camera phone on the market along with Mi 11 ultra rest of the competition and competitors just toying on the sand like usualy.

  • Anonymous

Where is the 200x zoom everybody was talking about???

andrehe, 28 Jul 2021Display has a hole punched into it, no front-facing stereo ... moreI mention features that the P series hasn't had in years if it has, I don't see any point

E3 SIMON, 28 Jul 2021Can someone explain me what's the 4th 40mp sensor? Monochrome, only captures black and white

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021Hm the p50 Pro is worse than the p40 Pro In which part is worse

  • Nash

Best brand ever. Huawei my number one

  • Anonymous

Huawei is done on market. It is sad.

The best phone Nevers see

The specs are quite good but it is sad there is no 5G connectivity.

  • Ezekiel

YUKI93, 29 Jul 2021Huawei never put an ultrawide selfie camera on their P and ... moreYou sure have not seen or used a mate 40 pro device .

Tatilis, 29 Jul 2021The pro model has 3.5x zoom and the simple 5x. The previous... moreYou'll be surprise that x3.5 optical on Pro has continuous zoom with different sensor are far superior. It will be better than x5 on Vanilla even up to x10 zoom.

RReagan9, 29 Jul 2021Two issues that I see off the bat. This phone will most def... morewrong, p50 series is the last with Leica branding, mate 50 will use someone else's, if i had to guess most likely Zeiss

Archeoptyrex, 28 Jul 2021Only 3.5 optical zoom ? P40 pro plus have 10 x optical zoom... moreP40 Pro has 4.5x optical zoom - 125 mm
P50 Pro has 90 mm optics. So P40 Pro has only 1.4 longer focal length.
But it's 64 Mp to 12 Mp. That's 5.3 times difference, so digital zoom will be much better

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021Yet if another company did that same horrible design you wo... moreI'm not bias towards any brand. Yes I have my favorite companies but I'm not a hater like most people.

  • Anonymous

Slapyomama69, 29 Jul 2021Absolutely beautiful phoneYet if another company did that same horrible design you would slate it.

It looks hideous

The pro model has 3.5x zoom and the simple 5x. The previous pro models all had 5x. Something is wrong.

  • Anonymous

5g missing
Why back technology

Bad to hear, they lead big real development in mobile photography.

Can you please provide us with the reference for this info?

  • Exactly

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021Useless camera setup. Where's the promised 1" se... moreExactly, who needs the useless black & white camera?