Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro

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BiyoBiyo JunJun, 01 Aug 2021overactingAbsolute true

  • fahrenheit

Why not 5g ? :(

Dudenoway, 04 Aug 2021Well gmail and twitter idk. Maybe u can install the apk on ... moreUnderstood, but there are other clients like Edison mail, Blue mail, Outlook... It's important there are alternatives for average user. Now I'm not sure if there are cases where missing gms is currently out of alternatives and the phone de facto doesn't work cause of that certain case.

  • Newbie

Still no google app? On this new phone?

SM25, 03 Aug 2021Great smartphone. Analysing specifications, cameras, possib... moreWell gmail and twitter idk. Maybe u can install the apk on ur phone to see if twitter is available but Gmail is a no no sadly.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021With this battery the phone is dead on arrival, another pho... moreWait. I know u. U posted the same comment on another article related to this phone. So u come as an anynomous and spam the comment. The low battery isn't a con cuz of fast charging. Also huawei always had rlly good battery life with small battery

  • Foortibalok

Bravo Huawei. After so many western country pressure, he is to give such a good smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Looks like thismdevice has only omnivision, no exmor.

Great smartphone. Analysing specifications, cameras, possibilities, and I have little there to add. In my country there's still no 5G, therefore I don't need 5G chipset so I don't consider SD888 as drawback. I just need possibility to use Twitter and Gmail, if possible via APK, and I'm good to go.

  • Anonymous

With this battery the phone is dead on arrival, another phone belong to the garbages

  • Bart

Any reasonable workaround to get the playstore running ?

Andro22, 03 Aug 2021Good device but no 5G 😁😁 WHYYY ?!!!! US companies aren't allowed to sell their products to Chinese brands so what they did is gave them a 5G capable chip but disabled the 5G functionality.

Alang Praharja, 03 Aug 2021Just wait Huawei P50 Pro Plus 5GThere will be one?

  • its me

no 5g

Just wait Huawei P50 Pro Plus 5G

  • Anonymous

No 5G is not a big deal for me since government of my country has no plans to make 5G network reality. But missing Google services is a problem indeed.

[deleted post]No 5g in your house before 2024 too

  • Andro22

Good device but no 5G 😁😁 WHYYY ?!!!!

  • acabz

no 5g

  • Anonymous

This is a cracking good handset but the oppression and imperialism by USA and Western countries have rendered it useless. I have to say that this phone is difficult to recommend and buy due to the lack of 5G radios.