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Huawei P60 Pro

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manyord, 12 May 2023Can someone tell me why its $999 yet i can get a Xiaomi fo... moreThere is really big difference between this phone and some cheap xiaomi. It has a lot better cameras, better screen, better performnce, longer battery life...

    manyord, 12 May 2023Can someone tell me why its $999 yet i can get a Xiaomi fo... moreI can't really tell if this is a question or a joke but the answer is pretty obvious, its about the quality, the camera, and other features this phone had over xiaomi phones, and always remember that xiaomi phones have a much lower profit per unit, xiaomi always rely on bulk orders, costumer service and others, I dont know if huawei does the same. But the pretty obvious reason is phone quality, you see xiaomi has been known for creating cheap gaming phones, and this affects the quality of its parts, ofcourse they have to earn so they have to cut some corners on other parts like the main frame or the camera or the screen quality or the software support and optimization, remember xiaomi's UI the MIUI is really crappy and this UI has caused deadboot issues to some phones and another big thing is the camera, as you can see smartphones that have a much more powerful camera are tend to cost more than a phone that is more focused on gaming performance rather than camera and overall performance, xiaomi are typically known for creating flagship killer phones and lastly their software support is just 2 years of updates and 3 years of security patches but correct me if I am wrong at that part. There you have it

      Albert08, 12 May 2023A question that I can't quite understand? Samsung s23... moreIf your question my friend is about the megapixels in the camera then, I would try to answer your question as best as I could. As for smartphone cameras, megapixels are the only factor that makes a camera powerful to take incredible photos, you should factor in the camera sensors (ex. Apple camera sensor, sony imx 766, omnivision ov64b), the camera software and camera algorithm, the phone processor itself and so much more. The reason why apple phones can take beautiful photos even tho their megapixel count is much lower is because of the software and the camera sensor itself. But remember that is the basics of why megapixel is not everything, correct me if I am wrong at some parts.

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        • Albert08
        • iCL
        • 12 May 2023

        A question that I can't quite understand?
        Samsung s23 Ultra 200 MP, iPhone 14 Pro Max 48 MP, Xiaomi 20 MP
        Why is the quality not always about how big MP, know More who have different iPhones that are only 12 MP and incredibly beautiful pictures?
        I eagerly await the Xiaomi 13 Ultra 512GB and 16GB Ram. Coming to Denmark.

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          • y6V
          • 12 May 2023

          manyord, 12 May 2023Can someone tell me why its $999 yet i can get a Xiaomi fo... moreBroo you should know how smartphone companies price their phones I dont know if you are just trying to ask some senseless question or that you dont know it, but here is your answer:

          There are so many reasons why xiaomi phones are much more cheaper than huawei, samsung and apple
          1. Phone quality - I do not have to discuss this further as xiaomi phone qualities are somewhat so far behind, xiaomi phones are typically cheap and affordable gaming phones

            I request Huawei please make phones with your Kirin processors. Why do you depend on Snapdragon?

              Can someone tell me why its $999
              yet i can get a Xiaomi for $450 (with the same specs) or even ad a $540 gaming laptop

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                • pLv
                • 11 May 2023


                  bolang, 11 May 2023lte is a big jokeyeah, a good joke is that when you add minimal changes to a new phone from its predecessor and ask people to pay 500 dollars more. Oh I forgot, that joke belongs to Tim Cook

                    What about eSIM

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                      • mxu
                      • 11 May 2023

                      bolang, 11 May 2023lte is a big joke5G is more a joke

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                        • 6kH
                        • 11 May 2023

                        Where is review?

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                          • bolang
                          • EUk
                          • 11 May 2023

                          lte is a big joke

                            Enxigma43 , 10 May 2023Bro what do you mean by camera bezel? ☹️☹️Yeah obviously most people can't tolerate a mobile phone with Camera bezel than bigger than 0.1 inch. Especially with bigger cam sensor.

                              LucaKirani, 09 May 2023Atleast Huawei change their designs unlike other brands who... moreYou mean iPhone Design?

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                                • Bugun
                                • SvX
                                • 11 May 2023

                                the phone world is going crazy, look at this design trash

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                                  • Enxigma43
                                  • r31
                                  • 10 May 2023

                                  Kykyblaze, 10 May 2023Camera bezel, that's just too big.Bro what do you mean by camera bezel? ☹️☹️

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                                    • mFe
                                    • 10 May 2023

                                    Anyone knows the SAR EU value of the p60 pro ? Cannot find it anywhere ? Please if anyone can link me to the info would be very grateful !A bit sensitive around RF devices.

                                      Aierlan, 10 May 2023The p series though always used the latest Kirin chip in th... moreThere are also rumours that the mate 60 pro will have 5g technology.

                                        joe nodden, 10 May 2023Why would they be able to get the 8+ Gen 1 but not the 8 Ge... moreBecause they are banned from using 5G, there isn't a version of SD 8 Gen 2 with 4G modem...