Huawei P8lite review: Style on a budget

Style on a budget

GSMArena team, 03 August, 2015.

Standard phonebook

The Huawei P8lite phonebook is laid out across three tabs that can be navigated by swipes. It actually resides in a single application along with the dialer and messenger.

An alphabetical list on the right can help you jump to a specific letter or you can just use the search function. Tapping on a contact brings up a popup with access to a contact's scrollable info.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
Straight-forward contacts experience

As on most Android launchers, you can input a variety of contact information including custom ringtones and images. You can link contacts too, if you've added the same person on multiple services.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
Lots of contact fields available

The phonebook also supports blacklist option for blocking contacts.

Telephony is excellent

The Huawei P8 held on to signal excellently and in-call sound was just fine. The proximity sensor makes sure the screen stays off when you hold the phone to your ear.

The secondary noise cancelling on-board microphone ensures a quieter background for your voice while in call.

The dialer and the call log share the same screen. The dialer offers smart dialing and it works both with names and numbers. It can also be docked to one side or the other for easy accessibility, or, span the entire lengths of the screen.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
The dialer shares an interface with the call log

We put the P8lite through our traditional loudspeaker test and it did manage to score a Good grade. The unit is far from loud, but still, stacked up against viable competitors, the P8lite does outshine most. It is quite interesting to note that the phone is noticeably louder than its high-end sibling - the P8.

Speakerphone testVoice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score
Acer Liquid Jade S 60.7 56.9 60 Below Average
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 60.2 57.2 64.5 Below Average
Samsung Galaxy A5 57.9 60.7 66.6 Below Average
HTC Desire 616 dual sim 61.5 58.5 72.6 Below Average
LG G2 65.7 62.2 66.2 Below Average
Archos 50 Diamond 65.2 64.7 64.9 Below Average
Huawei Ascend P7 63.9 66.1 70.9 Below Average
Huawei P8 66.7 66 68.5 Average
Motorola Moto G (2014) 66.5 66.2 75.1 Average
ZTE Blade S6 66.3 65.7 76.7 Good
Huawei P8lite 66.5 66.6 75.7 Good
Meizu m1 note 67.7 66.2 75.7 Good
Meizu MX3 67.1 66.5 77.7 Good
Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 70.6 66.2 77.3 Good
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 73.5 67.7 78.7 Very Good


The messaging section is business as usual with all SMS/MMS communication is organized into threads. Attaching a photo, video, audio recording or the like automatically turns your message into an MMS.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
The standard messaging app

The Huawei P8lite also comes with Hangouts, which is another way to handle texts. Hangouts can now integrate your SMS and MMS messages in addition to Gtalk and Google+ conversations.

For email, the Gmail app includes the four inbox options (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates) that Google recently introduced in their online interface. The default Email app is similar to Gmail, except that it can handle multiple POP or IMAP inboxes, which is useful for when you want to keep track of multiple accounts from one place.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
The Gmail app • The generic email client

The P8lite keyboard features some additional settings thanks to its Swype integration, including themes, split keyboard modes, and keyboard height, but sadly many of them are hidden within the input settings menu rather than as shortcuts from the keyboard like on most interfaces.

Still, there is support for gestures as well as integration of Google's voice typing with their downloadable language voice recognition packs.

Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite Huawei P8lite
Huawei keyboard with Swype integration

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