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Huawei P8lite

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  • Rolee
  • msu
  • 24 Jul 2022

I really loved this phone. This was my first HUAWEI.
And still working fine :) But not with EMUI 3.1 it's EMUI 4.0.3

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    • Anonymous
    • f{p
    • 12 May 2022

    finnaly after 7 years (apporx) it breaked completely
    Not a good gaming experience with it as compared to my infinix (Almost same prize)
    but still its 7 year old so come on
    Pretty good if i say so my self
    tbh it was good for before but now there are better huaweis in the market
    so yeah
    the phone i will rate it 8.53/10

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      • wegajongwe
      • NwE
      • 04 May 2022

      I have had huawei p8lite since 2016 until nw 2022 n stili work perfectly..

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        • Anonymous
        • 3Vx
        • 20 Apr 2022

        Everything is still working in my p8 lite ale-l21 alice with the [ROM][7.1.2][ OpenKirin's RROS v5.8.5 For Huawei P8Lite ][Update 02/03/2018], just placed a new batery 10€ :)

        2 sims/ a 64gb sd card, have to b carefull because of the batery, so just FB lite, wstap, insta, telegrm, no chrome, google go, as browser use opera., still very much usable

          Mosesleo, 10 Mar 2022I am unable to turn/connect to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of t... moreThe bt/wifi module is broken. It happened with me 4 years ago and I did not want to spend 40 euros in a device without security updates.

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            • Anonymous
            • fjT
            • 24 Mar 2022

            Mosesleo, 10 Mar 2022I am unable to turn/connect to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of t... moreMy phone no longer connects to Bluetooth

              I am unable to turn/connect to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the phone🤦‍♂️

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                • Anonymous
                • XIr
                • 07 Feb 2022

                Anonymous, 06 Feb 2022absolutely garbage, the phone dies randomly and says its fu... moreidk man that sounds like a you problem, ive had mine since it was first made and the only issues i have with it is the battery but i fricked it up so that was a me problem

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                  • Anonymous
                  • pq5
                  • 06 Feb 2022

                  absolutely garbage, the phone dies randomly and says its full when you charge it, plus basically no apps work on it. I’ve received one single update.

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                    • Linah
                    • guu
                    • 23 Jan 2022

                    It keeps on restarting it self what can i do

                      Ridz, 07 Jan 2022Is it advisable to get a p 8lte please adviseNo, There are other better devices better than this.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • rjM
                        • 13 Jan 2022

                        Long dong, 04 Dec 20216.5 years and still going strong!! The only problem is afte... moreMy power button stopped work

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                          • Ridz
                          • 0wq
                          • 07 Jan 2022

                          Is it advisable to get a p 8lte please advise

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Nu7
                            • 06 Jan 2022

                            My Huawei P8 is having connection issue like Bluetooth, xender WiFi and hotpot

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                              • Long dong
                              • sUv
                              • 04 Dec 2021

                              6.5 years and still going strong!! The only problem is after 6 years the battery has to be changed and power button repaired. Works great! I don't think I will need a new phone for another 2 years

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                                • Daniel
                                • tu2
                                • 04 Dec 2021

                                This phone is awesome on camera n clear..but after 4 years suddenly the connectivity turn slow..Also open back cover and see the NFC antenna broke up and try to search online app market but not available/stock on anywhere.So please huawei don't use antenna using this type and just use wire connectivity socket antenna like most xiaomi devices is more good.

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                                  • Boboc G.
                                  • pqC
                                  • 29 Nov 2021

                                  this phone is garbage! do not buy this phone! it had 18%, then shut off! this is why i never buy this phone!

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                                    • Ella
                                    • fjT
                                    • 26 Nov 2021

                                    I've had this phone since release, going on 6 years.
                                    Have had absolutely no issues, works still as good as the day I got it. Have been negligent, phones dropped multiple times over the years, even fell of a balcony once, amazingly enough no niks, scratches or cracks.
                                    Only issue I have had, not major nor renders phone inoperable, is the volume and power buttons gave wear and tear at year 5. Have since replaced it cost me R10. Have compared to mid range 2021 phones, Huawei p8 lite, still mostly out performs them.
                                    As old school as it may sound, I won't be investing in A new phone until my Huawei is completely redundant.
                                    Suppose this explains the discontinuation of the model, not the best sales venture to make a phone that lasts 6 years and still going.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • XLA
                                      • 29 Oct 2021

                                      I been using this Phone since 2017 it's the best Even Photos still beats latest cellphones . It's a Great even the Battery is awesome it lasts longer altho

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                                        • Shrf
                                        • a3y
                                        • 27 Oct 2021

                                        This phone abouat last 5 years , im still uease this some times , and work good