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  • Anonymous

dan, 18 Jul 2019does the Huawei p8lite support screen recording . It does.

  • dan

does the Huawei p8lite support screen recording

  • me

how long does the battery hold its charge in your phone (what the timer for display on shows ) when it`s used for browsing ,watching youtube or live stream ?

  • Alexa

I hawe motherboard for huawei p8 lite ale-l21 (2015) duo sim and i will get huawei lite p8 ale-l21 single sim without bord... Will motherbord from dual sim can't stand in huawei lite p8 ale-l21 single sim phone? Please do you know?

  • dimitri

have this phone since 2015 dropped it a million times. droped it from my pocket while driving.. now I threw it on the wall , scree bottom wright corner shattered till mid and digitizer seems to fail at the top 1/3 pf the screen, metal frame is broken in multiple places and still wprks xD. when I put it in my pocket and vends digitizer stops working properly so I punch it few times till phones flat and works imperfectly :). dispite the random lags on messenger and a lil bit of low performance still works fine 4/3g seem to work well enough, wifi not the best but in comparison with Samsung galaxy alpha g850f its night n day.. alpha had the worst connection to 4g wifi from all the phones ive ever got.. now im gonna get a honor 10 64gb for 170€, maybe repair this one and keep it as backup (bad thing the battery seems to drain fast after 2 years since I purchased it) it was an honest phone and worth the price. if honor 10 gets to be like this in terms of performance and longevity( dont expect to sustain impacts like p8lite 2015) for sure im gonna be a long time Huawei consumer/fanboy same as I was with HTC till they fcked up....

  • Anonymous

Hhhhh, 15 Jun 2019Is it waterproof?No

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2018Just hold the volume down button and power button for 5 secs and... moreThanks, I really really apriciate this but the phone is now to its owner. Helpful tho!

  • Hhhhh

Is it waterproof?

  • Deks

had no problems with my huawei p8 lite for 2 years, all of a sudden one day wifi wouldnt connect. poof.....gone, never to be seen again and no one could tell me why.

  • Anonymous

I accidentally installed P8 Lite android marshmallow rom update on my Honor 4C. It shows P8 Lite model number in settings. How can I remove wrong rom and install Honor 4C rom? Please help.

  • No network

It used to work perfectly well.
Then I made this upgrade a long time ago, and wifi became a distant memory. Didn´t bother me to much, since I only needed it for chrome-casting.

Then I wasn't able to send mms, and made another upgrade.. tried full reset and so forth. Still cannot even connect to any operators network anymore.

  • Snakechrmr

3 years old next month. Battery started discharging quickly 2 weeks ago. With phone off battery discharges from 100% to 3%-4% within 2-3 hours. Replaced battery and problem still there

Very slow to operate now and screen sometimes goes black. Time for new.

  • Anonymous

Like many stated, even after 4 years it's still good with battery. I only screwed microUSB port but it's my fault.
I just replaced it for a bigger screen smartphone.
But I will keep it as a second device, P8lite really deserved it! 4 years, still going strong, I never had a phone that lasted that long.

  • Yaba

Almost 4 years!

Still going strong, its great to use as a 4g wifi or usb hotspot, can see movies in at 60fps.

Everything works as it should, the battery still drains fast especially in 4G but with a booster it's all good.

  • p8lite user

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019I'm using my p8lite phone since 2016 ang I'm still using it. I d... moreSame here, I have this phone for almost 4 years and dropped it 30+ time on all kinds of surfaces, still works good!

  • Anonymous

I'm using my p8lite phone since 2016 ang I'm still using it. I dropped my phone many times and it's still working. Good camera.. All products has it's own flaws so as huawei p8lite but still I love this phone..

  • Anonymous

Rare, 15 Mar 2019Like the phone but but but Wi-Fi chip is shit. Died after 5 mont... moreLook up your consumer rights, I bet you that's nor accurate.

  • Job

What can I do my FM radio and Bluetooth doesn't work properly?

  • Lalo

when I bought it, I thought it's just a cheaper phone, now after 4 years, it's a great phone!!

  • Rare

Like the phone but but but Wi-Fi chip is shit. Died after 5 months. Huawei replaced mb. Died again in another 5 months. This time Huawei said only guarantee first repair for 3 months. Wtf is this company about. Thousands on internet have same problem. I replaced MB myself with one bought on eBay. Cost $50. I think Wi-Fi hotspot causing problem so I don't use than now and phone is still ok. HUAWEI shit company. Glad they are in trouble all over world. Apparently they use their own Wi-Fi chip. In Malaysia and spore they are giving 2 year guarantee. Good idea.