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  • AnonD-437151

i have a issue in this phone that when it completely dims the light and auto brightness is swithched OFF , then the screen light should be dim still but it behave a bit different... it gets dims and brighter itself at complete low brightness......although this effect is not that noticeable but once u start noticing it gets highly irritable...
can anyone guide me about this issue ,...???

  • AnonD-437151

elshiekh, 09 Aug 2015There is only 1.23 GB available in the RAM , it was supposed to ... morehow did u come to know that this cell phone has 1.23 GB ram...??
it supports 2GB specks

  • AnonD-437151

User p8lite, 22 Aug 2015I used p8lite about a month. At the beginning it was ok. Then, I... morethis is the same issue i am facing whenever i activate 4G it disconnects automatically and then i have to restart the phone.... what should i do bro ???

  • AnonD-437151

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2015When I try to charge my P8 lite it is so hot, anyone also experi... morei am having the same issue ... my p8 lite is burning like hell .... and when i charge it seems like something burning out...

  • Naeem

Dear I purchased P8 lite a couple of months ago, phone went well, from the start of days it is missing message from random numbers, mean messages are not receiving on cell some received some not, I updated its O>S. but it has same problem yet.
Any one can suggest me some thing????
Much worried

  • Anonymous

This is very very waste phone.
they cheating us.
waste camera.
no dual sim.

  • Ifrah

P8 lite is a good phone as in features and camera but battery life is very low. If anyone is interested in buying p8 lite and is heavy user then keep in mind battery is a big issue

  • Valk

kaki, 02 Sep 2015the navigation buttons are transparent when you are at its home... moreIs it ok for gaming?like coc? Thanx

  • Anonymous

I want to have a cyanogen os on my phone any suggestion?

  • AnonD-436296

Saad khalid, 02 Sep 2015Hi all! Can anyone please confirm how many led notification col... moreGreen for calls and messages. blue for facebook

  • kaki

i bought this phone 2 weeks ago , as far as i can tell . my only issue was the battery life. i'm a not so heavy user . and i charge this phone 2 times a day . over-all . this phone rocks . performance 9/10 (no lag) ,rear camera 9/10 (great in low light) . front camera 9/10 (one night, i was video chatting with a friend and i was in a darkroom with only my laptop as a light source , my face was clear as day in the video).

  • kaki

Saad khalid, 02 Sep 2015Hi all! Can anyone please confirm how many led notification col... morethe navigation buttons are transparent when you are at its home screen . but not when you open apps .but when you open apps like COC , Piano tiles . the navigation buttons hides so you can have a full screen view of the app . and the navigation buttons return when you slide your fingers on the corner sides of the phone (top,bottom),. .as far as i know. the led notification is as follows. . (when charging) RED - battery at 10% Yellow 20% - 50 % Yellow-green at 60-80% Green at 90-100% . and it also has a blue led notification for facebook notification .

  • Saad khalid

Hi all!
Can anyone please confirm how many led notification colors does p8 lite have and are the navigation buttons has transparent background?? Please confirm led notification light colors,,,will be very thankful

  • darko

Does this phone have gyro sensor? I'm asking this because of photosphere, does it work on this phone? Thank you in advance.

  • Phone 1

Anyone can say me which phone is better Moto g3 or Huawei P8lite.


  • Seff

Anyone any idea how to access Smart Lock menu? It should fully support it (Lollipop) as Smart Lock (Google) is enabled in Security/Trusted Agents.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if this phone supports Voice HD?

  • Conrad

Got this phone 1 month ago and it was really good.
Camera is 13mp and its good in low light, front is 5mp and it is much clearer than iPhone5, 5c, 5s front cam. In gaming, 0 lag in GTA San Andreas and NBA 2k14.
Keyboard. Keyboard does not that functionable.
I cant last my P8 Lite in a day just music, text and wifi only. Im not that heavy user tho.
speaker is 2, but one is for ventilation. Overall such a great phone.

  • AnonD-412272

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2015Bought the P8 Lite 6 weeks ago. All went fine until yesterday w... moreManufacturing fault in some devices
About Heating issue phone does 43c when playing or browsing when no cooling like a/c
Submit your device to service center nearby

  • malik

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2015yes it can capture screenshotsYes it can press volume down nd power key simultaneously :)