Huawei P8lite

Huawei P8lite

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  • am

yashwant, 16 May 2015very good mobilehow do you know? It is yet to come. do not be imaginative

  • yashwant

Zero, 15 May 2015Please review this! :)very good mobile

  • Zero

Please review this! :)

  • koolkat

Wen this coming to jamaica

  • shanoo

Wanna buy DAT device

  • A4Ayaz

when this phone coming to india...
want to buy this phone desperately...

  • JR

is it support OTG ?????????

  • 1

nutella, 08 May 2015looks good. Almost same design with iphone 5s. Wish its made fro... moreNo more cheap for almost all China's phones!

  • AnonD-393589

two antennas?

  • nutella

looks good. Almost same design with iphone 5s. Wish its made from brushed metal instead of plastic. Huawei is consistent making goodlooking devices but my concern will be the price. They should lower it because of the competition like asus zenfone 2 and lenovo. If this is just cheap ill buy it for sure

  • Vikram Pratap

When this phone will come in india.I want to buy that phone at any cost

  • yo man

f*** hybrid sim. these so called dual sim phones are freakin me out. if it uses sim 2 then why do they even call it dual sim phone. why cant the dig some space microsd .


if micro s d card slot and sim two are the same do not call it a dual sim phone....

  • Anonymous

is it me? or p8 lite looks better?

  • Audi

G, 22 Apr 2015Any word on US LTE bands? I'm planning on switching to T-Mobile... moreYou may want to also get a phone with Band 12 as this is the low band spectrum T-Mobile is building out at a fast pace in the market where they have licenses.

  • bruno

Huawei site specification, display is 1080P :­-specs/p8lite-en.htm

  • AnonD-19153

Slim bezels
720p screen
2200mAh battery

Is perfect for me
If the battery rating is high enough then it's possible that i'm gonna buy it

  • G

Any word on US LTE bands? I'm planning on switching to T-Mobile and their main LTE bands are 2 (1900) and 4 (1700/2100). Wish the screen was 1080p. Everything else looks great!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

For its screen size a resolution of 1280x720 is not enough.I know big screens are the thing nowadays but since this is the lite version they should have made its screen 4.7inches.