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Huawei P8lite

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  • James

My phone has trouble in wifi connection.. it has diffeculties in korea and japan connection even in phil. And it doesn't update to marshmallow. Is there a solution to its wifi problem??

  • Fan

I am using this phone for 6 months and it works perfectly. Android update fixed double-tap bug. It is the best choice if you want cheap and quite good phone. I recommend it!

  • Sec

The phone in generaly is good, but when it comes to gaming part it have lots of lags and the frame drops are everywhere. I had an xperia m2 before and it handed better with games like asphalt 8, real racing 3 or suicide squad, with p8 lite you can play only subway surfears, tempel run and game like that with no problem. In terms of interface and menu performance it work smooth.

  • DrMaximusKZN

This is the best phone I have ever had. I had a Sumsung S4 mini before. Its battery lasts long enough. Its camera is good and its a nice size. I only have one issue with it. It you put it in your pocket and then retreive it later. Its hard to tell which side is up.

  • Anonymous

For elderly person,maximum font size is too small

  • Ukoko

This is an excellent phone! I have used it for more than an year and its still serving me well!

  • Anonymous

Please do not but this phone if you are looking into buying a phone.
I have had it exchanged twice due to it not working well. Every time loosing my info.
It has major technical issues.
Worst phone ever!!!

  • Nina

Great phone. My only concern is that it doesn't link with like the whatsapp emojis, so when I want to post an emoji on instagram I must first copy and paste from whatsapp and the paste in instagram. Is there something I must turn on or can u please make that in the the update.


After several days I use P8lite after in Lollipop again, I experienced some lags happened. It can happens anytime, like when open Google Maps, open Uber, etc. I also experienced not responding system UI.

Active apps are: WhatsApp, LINE, Gmail, Twitter, Cashtree
I use normally. So I would conclude again that, Android with 2 GB of RAM is not recommended again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2016Shall i buy this p8 lite or y6 pro cuz its same but y6 pro has 4... moreNo y6pro has no resale at all and the shape is not graceful as p8 lite,it got stuck sometimes very badly ,u should go for p8lite ,it is the best phone I'm using it

  • AnonD-145843

Brilliant. Was meant to be my back-up phone but it is as good as my G4. Ticks a ll the boxers. Yes It has an earlier android but the battery lasted a day and a half. The camera is lovely. the speaker is really good. It just works really well. The price. £137. Bargain. Oh and it feels really nice in the hand

  • preantha ramjewan

p8 lite is the best phone i have ever owned

  • seemi

i have huawei p8 lite wifi is good


Used it since August 9, 2016, until now so far it works fine. No WiFi problem.

I asked friend, he told me that for users got Bluetooth problem should try install Bluetooth fix from Play Store. Maybe you should try it.

dishan, 06 Oct 2016i have probvlem wifi is not workingI am sorry to hear that. I am also no idea for this problem.

AnonD-241630, 06 Oct 2016Thank you for this, but does it work...this is not official site... moreI am not sure. Usually, if the region is the same, it would be work.

  • Dayan

Tell me pls my huawei p8 not connecting wifi.pls guide me to solve this problem

  • AnonD-241630

NikiDroid, 05 Oct 2016Maybe you would like to see this website: http://www.carbonte... moreThank you for this, but does it work...this is not official site ? And my build number ends in B130.

  • Anonymous

Shall i buy this p8 lite or y6 pro cuz its same but y6 pro has 4000mah :o

  • dishan

NikiDroid, 04 Oct 2016Update: I have used Huawei P8lite since August 9, 2016. Until... morei have probvlem wifi is not working