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Huawei P8lite

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  • venus

huawei gr3 is very good battery back up and best performance .

  • AnonD-544409

Tipu Sultan, 01 Jun 2016I wanna buy Huawei P8 Lite? Is this phone good? tell me frnz abo... moreHi i previously had a Sony Experia M2, this was a crappy phone, got this after reading tonnes of reviews etc...and i don't regret a single thing, i love this phone, great camera and a very quick O/S as well.
I f you want a samsung equivalent like say S5, then spend another £200 or so, but for the money i paid £100 it's a bargain...

  • Tipu Sultan

I wanna buy Huawei P8 Lite? Is this phone good? tell me frnz about the phone,

  • anon

Between huawei p8 lite, huawei gr3 and oppo neo7 which performs better ? I usually use my phone updating on some social media apps

  • Rick

I want to buy a phone now..I got this Huawei P8 Lite and Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (Made by Alcatel) at the same price.. 129E.. Vodafone's Smart Ultra 6 has 1080x1920 and a bigger battery but Huawei P8 Lite seems more stylish .. some ideas which to buy,at the same price?

  • AnonD-543605

cannot update to marshmallow in the UK , updater is saying there is no update available

  • d2ruv

Cannot seem to update to marshmallow , because in updater it says no update available .Using Huawei P8 Lite ale l21 in UK

  • peystos nechivhazwau

Mr P8 lite he is so amaizin n intelligent i can compare him with brother Iphone

  • Laaz

KhaN BadShaH, 20 Apr 2016Huawei P8 lite is a best mobile for the use of internet and ever... morehow about now, is the phone stl not giving u any issues?

  • Sorry

ahtin, 29 May 2016been using the phone for 4 weeks now. so far it performs well, h... moreBut when ur phone is using SD card 32gb+ ur phone will be laggy.

  • ahtin

been using the phone for 4 weeks now. so far it performs well, haven't experience any lag. for an average phone user this phone will satisfy your needs. for serious gamer on a budget, you might want to look at another direction

  • ahtin

AnonD-541275, 25 May 2016Can someone please tell me am I able to initiate a video call on... moreyou can make video call using google hangouts

  • Jkb

Mobina, 26 May 2016Hello my friends Some one said me that some of this phones that... moreHuawei p8 lite is best phone but if someone has battery problem with p8 lite (1) install repair battery life (extended apps) and (2) install doze and (3) when go to sleep keep your mobile in (do not disturb) mode it will boost your battery life ...

  • AnonD-542585

go for huawei P8 .....its really awesome

  • Anonymous

hello my friends iwant to buy smartphone idont know Huawei P8lite is beter or honor 4c
please helpme!!!

  • Oronno Chy

Khan, 22 May 2016Buddies .i want to buy .huawei honor 4c or p8 hwo which one is t... moreGo for Honor 4c. It's cheaper than P8 lite but have almost same specification cpu, gpu, display. The only backside is 4c has no 4g & 8gb internal memory but has bigger battery (2550mah) than P8 Lite and stronger body & stylish design.

  • Oronno Chy

AnonD-539898, 21 May 2016I'm looking to buy a phone soon so I'm deciding between P8 lite ... moreP8 Lite. It will be better if u go for galaxy J7.

  • Gujjar

Sumon, 23 May 2016My phone is automatically restart form last few days. I bought i... morePut your phone in hot water for 7 min

  • Dragos

I have two questions :
1.In wich country / operator Android 6 is available?
2.Why when i install some new apps on my phone the pictograms are doubled?

  • AnonD-538427

wahwei, 24 May 2016overall it's a good phone. only problem is the say ?