Huawei P8max

Huawei P8max

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  • Anonymous

The phone's size comes in at 182.7 x 93.0 x 6.8 mm and a hefty 228g.

  • p51d007

Once again, the USA is shut out! No LTE bands that work on at&t or T-mobile. Already have the Mate2 and LOVE IT. Wouldn't bother me to carry around a 6.8, .4" more isn't that big of a deal. Come on Huawei...give the U.S. some love too, please?

  • Mobidepot Kenya

No infrared... i.e for remote control?

  • AnonD-146668

its taller than mediapad x2 why? 187mm vs 183 even the size bezel look big.

  • FSR

Screen size 6.8 inches !
thats mean i'am carrying tablet even not phablet!

  • Anonymous

Turkish market is waiting for this kind of tablet phones,Huge customers use dual model..

  • AnonD-90736

Wow this is fantastic news!

  • AnonD-386719

Michael, 15 Apr 2015Finally a normal size and specs phone but again LTE is mainly ... morewait until they released a USA edition.
as we wait for Ascend G7.

  • AnonD-83395

This phone is massive in size and will dethrone Sony Xperia Z Ultra as the largest phone in the world

  • Michael

Finally a normal size and specs phone
but again LTE is mainly for Asian Market.

I really wish they would have included LTE band 4 fot T-Mobile. It's a shame that huge phones are popular mostly in Asia.