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  • benc

anonymous , 11 Jun 2020for playing pubg ,oke ?totally yes

nep, 14 Apr 2019You need to do is simply change you device location to Chin... moreTo NEP:

How do you change the location?

  • JayT

I have been using this phone for 4 years, i have no problem so far. it can play high resolution games without any problem. camera is so nice. the only issue i have encounter is a slow charging, but i bought a fast charger then problem solve

  • anonymous

for playing pubg ,oke ?

  • Anonymous

Used mine for everyday use for the last four years and it's never let me down. I had an issue with the battery about 2 years into its life but it was still under warranty by Huawei, the third-party they sent it to to get repaired just smashed it up even more and blamed me and would only fix it for like £170. I said no and got it back and instead, I fixed it myself, a new battery (and now a new screen) all cost me about £50 and ever since then it's worked perfectly. The camera is still really good even by today's standards, the screen, customization and performance all hold up much better than I would have ever thought. However, this issue with the battery is starting to rise once more and also the charging port is beginning to feel a bit lose, while I could fix this all easilly myself, I'm not sure it's going to be worth it as my main gripe with this phone is the outdated version of android it runs with the last security patch dating to January 2017 (yikes) My understanding of Huawei ditching Android OS for their own means a lack of certain apps and functions on their current and future devices which makes me sceptical of owning a new Huawei unless their custom OS proves me wrong. However, the quality of this entire unit cannot be argued with considering the price which made my wallet a little happier at the time. If you wanted a cheap phone that can still hold it's own surprisingly well against the big Apple and Samsung, this'd be perfect, just maybe order a new battery and keep the dodgy stuff you do on your phone to a minimum.

  • Vida

Really solid and cheap phone and easy to get in brand new condition on used market if you arent a heavy phone user like playing tons of games and then i would reccomend this one but if you are buying used be prepared to spend like 15 euros to change the battery becuse its probably original one inside and that one needs replacment i am pretty sure.
sorry for bad english

  • Anna

Good phone with horrible battery

  • Anonymous

3 years on still working very well. After 2.5yrs battery started giving small lasting issues but I haven't changed it though. Premium phone in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

AB Sheikh, 11 May 2020Its not just a phone its a premium phone. Have been using i... moreStill have mine to date

  • MoeSat

delger, 08 Mar 2020dont change your phone just change the battery. Same here.I replaced with new battery. It's fixed.After a few months later, It's happen again.I love to shoot with my p9 but battery health is garbage.

  • AB Sheikh

Its not just a phone its a premium phone. Have been using it for more than 4 years . Its selfie result is simply superb . its metallic body look simply its wao phone

  • AB Sheikh

I can simply say its not just a phone its a premium phone. Using it for more than 4 years

  • Amir

You may not belive but after 4 years I still have no problem even battery still works good (easilly one day usage) and I used 1t hard by otg with it which is rare these days so me too am afraid to update it if anyone has done 185b405 share your experience

  • Sam

Amir, 29 Apr 2020Hello guys has anyone received 185b405 for L19 if so pleas... moreI got notification but am scare to download it...

  • Amir

Hello guys has anyone received 185b405 for L19 if so please put your opinion

  • Narsilion001

I use the 3gb/32gb model since day one (April 2016) so four years now. It still works like new. I have faced the usual battery problem of course and i have changed my battery twice but i don't have other problems and I'm consider a heavy user. Although not that much of a gamer i still play some pubg in it. After four years i am considering replacing the phone but not because its performance rather than its age , i would like to jump in the wave of bezel less phones

  • Ariel

To me it's been a great phone for 4 years and still counting. It looks and is very solid, and performance is more than fair, not great though.

  • eric

i have been using p9 since 2016 the power button , volume buttons are not working. had a battery issue since i bought ,changed battery few months before now again draining fast . got an update rececntly for app is the time to switch another mobile bye bye p9

  • Bader Batarfi


  • Heavyuserandgamer

Pretty good phone except 2 things - the GPU is very bad . In graphic intensive games the phone struggle alot and also the battery life sucks.