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  • AB Sheikh

Its not just a phone its a premium phone. Have been using it for more than 4 years . Its selfie result is simply superb . its metallic body look simply its wao phone

  • AB Sheikh

I can simply say its not just a phone its a premium phone. Using it for more than 4 years

  • Amir

You may not belive but after 4 years I still have no problem even battery still works good (easilly one day usage) and I used 1t hard by otg with it which is rare these days so me too am afraid to update it if anyone has done 185b405 share your experience

  • Sam

Amir, 29 Apr 2020Hello guys has anyone received 185b405 for L19 if so pleas... moreI got notification but am scare to download it...

  • Amir

Hello guys has anyone received 185b405 for L19 if so please put your opinion

  • Narsilion001

I use the 3gb/32gb model since day one (April 2016) so four years now. It still works like new. I have faced the usual battery problem of course and i have changed my battery twice but i don't have other problems and I'm consider a heavy user. Although not that much of a gamer i still play some pubg in it. After four years i am considering replacing the phone but not because its performance rather than its age , i would like to jump in the wave of bezel less phones

  • Ariel

To me it's been a great phone for 4 years and still counting. It looks and is very solid, and performance is more than fair, not great though.

  • eric

i have been using p9 since 2016 the power button , volume buttons are not working. had a battery issue since i bought ,changed battery few months before now again draining fast . got an update rececntly for app is the time to switch another mobile bye bye p9

  • Bader Batarfi


  • Heavyuserandgamer

Pretty good phone except 2 things - the GPU is very bad . In graphic intensive games the phone struggle alot and also the battery life sucks.

  • delger

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2020Same problem encountered to battery. When i use my camera w... moredont change your phone just change the battery.

  • P9_Guy_2020

i've owned the p9 for 3 years. fantastic phone! don't want to upgrade. will there be an android update? can we protest huawei for one?

  • Johan

Does anyone know the button battery model which is on right under main battery?

  • Anonymous

Same problem encountered to battery. When i use my camera with still 35% battery it will shut down and displayed empty battery. What a dissappointment 😥

  • Anonymous

Anna, 31 Jan 2020Battery is really terrible and when battery shows 20% when ... moreHad similar problem. Issue with the battery and its internal charger. Just get a new battery.

  • Anna

Battery is really terrible and when battery shows 20% when starting camera, phone just shuts down and show that battery is empty.

  • Bobbyv

If ur stuck on android 6. You should update to version b182 ot 181 then update it throught hisuite to b360 nougat. After that you should be able to ota update to the latest version ( in my case 432b386).

  • MoeKyawThu

P SERIES , 14 Oct 2019i use huawei p9 for almost 3 yrs, and need to change the ba... moreAliexpress

  • Hokage

AnonD-899411, 03 Nov 2019Those stuck on Android 6 (Marshmallow) or 7 (Nougat) might ... moreHi, new to huawei. Will you guide about dr/rebranding? Im stuck at Marahmallow, Eva L19

Disappointed by the inaccuracy of GSMARENA. P9 and few other from this brand is dual sim DUAL ACTIVE. We tested that on my friend's phone calling the second line from the same phone. While doing this on dual-standby you get a "the subscriber has switched off the phone" message, on P9 you can hear ringing and see the incoming caller number.