Huawei P9 lite mini

Huawei P9 lite mini

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dont buy it in 2022 buy samsung s7 edge

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    • Sirmreal
    • X5u
    • 17 Jul 2022

    Anonymous, 02 May 2022Got this phone recently, but my own is 3/32 GB contrary to ... moreI got mine recently, 3gb ram 32gb storage obviously different from the spec I see here, though it's super amazing despite the fact that it's doesn't support Netflix 😐 which is kinda annoying no Huawei ID either.....!?

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      • p7
      • mFd
      • 23 Jun 2022

      Cam, 06 Jul 2021For a simple phone used daily it's... fine. Definitely... morep7

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        • Anonymous
        • Nu6
        • 02 May 2022

        Got this phone recently, but my own is 3/32 GB contrary to the specs I see here.

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          • temp24
          • Lv3
          • 20 Mar 2022

          I have to be honest, it's surprisingly fine considering I got it for 60 USD from a friend like 2 years ago. SLA-L03 model, Huawei G Elite Plus. (I think they sell it for about the same price on ebay).

          Camera is surprisingly good and as I always used phones that had okayish to bad battery life, I can say that this phone's battery is also surprisingly good.
          One of the only phones that allowed me to get phone with juice still left after relatively intensive work use.

          Now, as of today, I would not buy it for 2 reasons:
          -16 GB of storage is NOT enough when almost half of it is filled with Huawei bloated OS.
          -Audio quality from both speaker and wires is subpar, even worse than my Xperia E, which is a very low end phone from 2013.

          -Storage: Only around 5 GB of available storage out of the box, up to 7.5 GB or so if you uninstall the bloatware apps which can be uninstalled.
          Worse: While using a microSD card as internal storage has been supported since Android 6, and this phone being an Android 7, Huawei CHOSE to DISABLE that option so that you CAN'T use a microSD card as internal storage.
          And as they CHOSE to lock their bootloader and make it IMPOSSIBLE to unlock, not only you can't unlock it but there are exactly zero ROMs for this phone so you are still stuck with this garbage bloated OS.

          Go figure if it's with this brand that you want to give your money to.

          -Sound: The crappy speaker would not be such a big problem if it had a decent DAC, which it doesnt. If you dare to use headphones, earbuds or IEMs with a high sensitivity (above 100 dB) and low impedance, you're done.

          If I use my IEMs, the volume threshold is so high that if I lower the volume enough, then some frequencies stop playing and there is a ton of noise. Sounds like complete garbage.
          Even worse: Since this phone does not have OTG capabilities, I can't simply use a DAC dongle. I'm stuck with terrible sound.

          Word of advice: Do NOT buy this or any other mid-end or low-end Huawei phones. They are a waste of money and you can find superior offerings from other brands at similar prices.

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            • Cam
            • pEu
            • 06 Jul 2021

            For a simple phone used daily it's... fine. Definitely can't be used for any gaming and barely for multitasking or work. Heats up fast. The storage is extremely little and almost half of it is already used up for data and the essentials, but if storage isn't a problem for you it's okay. Camera is okay when in a sunny place, useless at night or in a darker place, doesn't have night mode. Missing out on a LOT of features. Battery life is small and drains fast, lasts less than a day when using minimally. I'd say the only good thing about this phone is that the front screen is pretty strong and quite scratch resistant, though the back is scratched easily without phonecase protection. I had this phone for 3 and a half years and I'm still using it but going to get a new one soon, because it's barely working at this point, and I admit, I really wanted to game on it but it always kept heating up, it couldn't even run the simplest games on roblox, games more demanding than those were basically impossible to run, that frustrated me. Of course, the performance was slightly better when it was new. Honestly, I didn't think about the performance and requirements before getting this phone, I was young and eager to finally get my first phone. In conclusion- I guess its okay if planned to be used for chatting and scrolling through social media and taking photos once in a while, and if it's all you can afford.

              Anonymous, 28 Nov 2020Bad phone. I'm not impressed with the battery life wha... moreI guess your phone is faulty... Cause mine is working fine..

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                • nick
                • neL
                • 08 Dec 2020

                I have this phone for three years now, in the time, phone was nice, slim and for me, most important, small price. For that price (about 170e, +/-), phone was great. I put an extra card for more storage because of the photos, I don't play games, and for some apps, like bank, social networks and for shopping. Even now battery lasts two days sometimes, depends on using, I use whatsapp video, calls and texts very often during the day. And now, after three years it is a bit slowly which I don't like, and because of that searching for the new phone. Photos made with phone are ok, for the specs decent, taking the price of the phone and the year. And I have to say, phone has not even one scratch even though fell at least 10 times on the screen directly.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Nue
                  • 28 Nov 2020

                  Anonymous, 17 Apr 2019This phone is definitely not even close to being good. On m... moreBad phone. I'm not impressed with the battery life whatsoever. Camera is definitely bad for its price so I don't mind.
                  The worst thing about it is that you can't select 4g only which is a bummer. I don't recommend this phone to anyone

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                    • Octt
                    • LhC
                    • 20 Jul 2020

                    Absolutely not worth the 130€ my dad paid for this "smartphone". I'm not saying that disproportionately, and I will explain everything in detail.
                    - The 16 GB eMMC would not necessarily be inappropriate for a 2017 phone (I received it in 2018, but whatever), but in this case it is, given the fact that the preinstalled ROM is full of bloatware (more of an EMUI problem but needs mentioning), leaving you with only 7 GB left for files or apps.
                    - If the problem was the bloated OS, a community of custom ROM developers could have fixed that. Turns out there only is a buggy TWRP available, and not even a full device tree I could use to make my own custom ROM. So, you basically have to live with the crappy preinstalled OS.
                    - Unlocking the bootloader to even just root the phone is a mess, considering the Bootloader code request page on the Official Huawei site is long gone and you have to buy DC Unlocker for 4€.
                    - Generally the specs are bad even for a 2017 phone, considering games of the end of that year like the new wave of that time, battle royales, run very bad. PUBG mobile was something like 25 FPS with minimum details, and I imagine it only got worse with time and various updates.
                    - The headphone jack hole is kinda defective, considering not all headphones that work perfectly on other devices make contact right on this one; even the same headphones included with the smartphone give this kind of problem!
                    - The phone isn't able to charge itself properly with less than 1.5A at 5V. What's the problem here you ask? The problem comes from the fact that the charging brick included with the phone charges only with 1.0A at 5V, and its USB cable seems to not work properly with more than 1A.
                    Probably I even forgot something; whatever, just don't buy this.

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                      • Toza
                      • nUk
                      • 26 May 2020

                      Really good phone, my dad had used it for 2 years, and I took it after he bought a new phone.
                      Definitely worth every penny, performance is really great, even tho he was an intensive user (he used multitasking 2-3h a day for playing YouTube, online chatting...)).
                      The battery is still good, lasts through a full day of heavy usage, I play games, watch YouTube, stream music on Deezer...
                      The only downside is that there's no Android 8 update which is a bummer, but Nought gets the job done.
                      Definitely recommend this phone for everyone.

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                        • DrMobile
                        • 3kW
                        • 11 May 2020

                        Here i have a SLA-L02
                        Device Name: Huawei Y7 Plus

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                          • nep
                          • Lqk
                          • 24 Feb 2020

                          Dark GT, 31 Dec 2019Best smartphone I had phone. My previous phone was M4 Aqua ... moreAlso had an M4 Aqua and gotta say this P9 Lite Mini is a lot smother overall.
                          Needs a custom ROM to free storage since Huaweis crap bloatware ocuppies twice the space a light android version would. But again, still a nice phone. Also, quite better camera than the M4 Aqua IMO.

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                            • Djonny
                            • S7y
                            • 18 Feb 2020

                            mg, 18 Feb 2020I've been using this phone for over 2 years, and it's terri... more2 years of using and say horrable.... Who is crazy....

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                              • mg
                              • mNF
                              • 18 Feb 2020

                              I've been using this phone for over 2 years, and it's terrible. At first it was working quite good but after some time it's horrible. It often bugs, stops working. I wouldn't recommend that phone for anyone if you really need it for everyday usage.

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                                • Dark GT
                                • 3XL
                                • 31 Dec 2019

                                Best smartphone I had phone. My previous phone was M4 Aqua and wasn't even a half decent for the double the price of this one. P9 lite mini is very solid phone, not great but acceptable battery life, good specs for the price (consider how old the hardware is), the EMUI is good fit for everyday UI, almost good as pure Android and handy to use. This phone stopped any security updates, but it did had them all regularly for almost 2 years. The memory is low, and you will get low space errors at some point, so not all apps can be moved to SD card so you are stuck with that issue, since no unlocking bootloader and rooting is allowed by Huawei (did kill that possibility).
                                This phone is solid so no reasons to change it in 2020, until battery holds keep using it.

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                                  • Tribe
                                  • ptR
                                  • 27 May 2019

                                  catalin, 24 May 2019i have oreo update on this one. it was a bit faster nougat ... moreWhen did you get the oreo update and what country do you live in, mate?

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                                    • catalin
                                    • 803
                                    • 24 May 2019

                                    i have oreo update on this one. it was a bit faster nougat but this one is has better features

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                                      • Tribe
                                      • ptR
                                      • 02 May 2019

                                      I have this phone for a year now and all in all it is pretty good.
                                      I think everyone should consider it's price before judging!
                                      I have no lag problems till now, not a single time.
                                      Battery is damn good. If I use it heavily then by bed time it will go down to 30-40%. That means data always turned on (24/7), using FB, Viber, Gmail app, and surfing also. If I don't overuse it then i can freely go with one charge in two days.
                                      Camera is okay (having in mind it's price). Day photos are pretty good, night photos not pretty much. But if you have an appetite of a photographer then you must spend 600+ euros on a phone, or maybe buy a camera.
                                      I don't play games at all so I don't know what to say on that matter.
                                      So, all in all, having in mind that I bought this phone for 140 euros last year I say it's a pretty good one. And I don't mind that the OS stays nougat, it doesn't make any difference on functionality aspect. If you want to be fashionable and trendy then open your wallet and cash in for some expensive model.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • d@b
                                        • 17 Apr 2019

                                        This phone is definitely not even close to being good. On my device youtube, twitch and others constantly lag no mater what.The battery after a few months suck. It can take pretty good photos but thats about it.