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  • Kai

p9 plus still great in 2019 guys. :) mine just suffers some screen burn in. But the performance is top notch.

  • Sur

How to do software update for Huawei P9 Plus? Kindly assist model VIE L-29

  • Anonymous

Due to software failure we can not able to update the software it is not accepting the robot, So please give me idea about the update the software

  • ADMS

So, any recent update on this guy?

  • Carlos Z.

Jay, 21 Feb 2019Never exist the updtare to oreo in P9 PlusThere's a tread on XDA to have Oreo on P9 Plus:­ment/rebrand-update-tool-hwota7-p9-plus-vie-t384­3930

The P9 Plus was ahead of it's time. It can still stand tall with any flagship today.

  • Jay

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2019Any news for oreo updateNever exist the updtare to oreo in P9 Plus

  • Anonymous

Any news for oreo update

  • zil

dont.updated to oreo..suck

AmiNuS, 15 Nov 2018do i go for mate 9 , galaxy note 5 or huawei p9+ ? Plezzzzzzz help !To AmiNuS:

I would go for the P9 Plus. The Note 5 is plagued with battery issues as in the battery runs down quickly based on numerous reports from owners all over the world NOT to mention that you 'may' get less internal memory, 32GB.

The Mate 9 doesn't have a SuperAmoled display only LCD and it doesn't have 3D Touch nor does it have the high quality stereo speakers found in the P9 Plus. I tested the official theme song 'Dream it Possible' on both phones and it certainly sounds richer and deeper on the P9 Plus. The Mate 9 is also longer, broader and thicker and it's not as if you are getting anything more superior. The 180 and 360 degrees dimensional speaker phone feature found on the Mate series since the Mate 8 is a gimmick more than anything else. I tested it and heard no difference whatsoever when I tested it.

I wouldn't think twice if I had the choice between the P9 Plus and Mate 9. The 'P' in Huawei P series means PLATINUM and the Huawei P9 Plus does deliver on the platinum experience.

  • Anonymous

AmiNuS, 15 Nov 2018do i go for mate 9 , galaxy note 5 or huawei p9+ ? Plezzzzzzz help !Mate 9 should be your choice

do i go for mate 9 , galaxy note 5 or huawei p9+ ?
Plezzzzzzz help !

  • Anonymous

Absolutely a good phone. I just wanna ask if there will be an update for Oreo OS here in the Philippines. When if possible? Thanks!

  • In His Vineyard

How to do software update for Huawei P9 Plus? Kindly assist

  • TY

Hey guys, I wanna ask did Malaysia region will get Oreo update for P9 Plus (VIE-L29) ? Thanks.

I had a p9 plus, but even weaker phone will get oreo, but p9 plus no.
huawei as a manufacturer is very very ridiculous, it is all about fooling the users gpu turbo etc, but no updates at all.
This was my first and last handset from this bad huawei.

GUYS, NEVER BUY FROM HUAWEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is bad with huawei

  • Ahmed

Please my friend please I need some one to tell me about update for my plus to najugtI have big problem Batery very bad and no quick charge for battery what wiki do

  • idriss biskra

why !! Non-removable battery

  • AnonD-1385

I am amazed by the speed of this phone. The P9 Plus is truly a speed beast.

  • AnonD-1385


I have a P9 Plus and was happy to hear that it would be getting Oreo...main reason being that the Marshmallow which it's still running seems to have some issues with the Wi-Fi. I don't know if it's the Wi-Fi antenna or the OS but I'm not getting the full speed. The Wi-Fi protocols are exactly the same was the Samsung Galaxy S5 yet the S5 connects to my 2.4G router at a max speed of 144Mbps while my P9 Plus connects at a maximum speed of 72Mbps. I purchased the P9 Plus brand new during the Christmas 2017 brand new and another relative who purchased the P9 Plus as well from the same store during the same time as I connects to my router at the same 72Mbps. The S5 is two years old than the P9 Plus yet does a better job when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity.

I read an article online the other day where some people said they connect at much higher speeds with their P9 Plus or P9 (same difference, same antenna) using a 2.4G router.

I have done a hard factory reset as well as cleared system cache but nothing seems to work. If anybody have any ideas please share them. It's annoying when I'm in my room and sometimes the connection drops to 1Mbps whereas my S5 drops to 77Mbps in that very same room which is 77 times greater than the speed of the P9 Plus!!!!!!