Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei P9 Plus

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  • AnonD-463876

AnonD-273829, 10 Nov 2015all specs are great except that kirin chipset and hope they... moreI agree not into Chinese SoC's at all and this one will get beaten by whatever Samsung and Qualcomm is about to release. Also no USB Type-C and the battery will probably be low.

  • AnonD-239839

Beast of a phone..might as well also be the price..

  • AnonD-428046

I doubt it will be 6.2"... The Mate 8 already covers the market for this size range. 6.5" or more I would guess. But then Huawei did release the Honor 7 to cannibalize the market of its own P8.

  • Hanna

Shivanshu Patwa , 10 Nov 2015Huawei P9Max, The specification feel very good to read but... moreWhat does that symbols and numbers after 30-35k, in your comment mean. Please let me know

  • AnonD-209065


  • Yavis

Hmmm.... Another release for just .2" larger (compared to just announced Mate8) I wonder.
But if it were actually as large a display as on the P8max, support LTE band 20 and feature and active stylus, whoa!! It would be Da Bomb!

  • AnonD-183089

Whaaaaat :O p8max just arrived in my country just few days ago :S

  • Shivanshu Patwa

Huawei P9Max,
The specification feel very good to read but in the real , I don't about performance of phone's.
This phone's price will be 30-35K ₹ rupees in Indian market.
I don't suggest to anybody to buy this phone because in this range, HTC's many flagship phones are in indian market.
You can buy Motorola Nexus 6 with guaranteed updates.

  • coconut gelatine

another P?max series with just smaller screen

  • AnonD-273829

all specs are great except that kirin chipset and hope they release it with a good price not high like p8 max

P8 Max is 6.8".

P9 Max is 6.2"? Getting smaller, ey!

  • AndroidUserHere

Seriously,??? Mate 8 hasnt announced yet, and another huawei product is being rumored AGAIN?
I dont hate huawei, but this is really insane. This can cause confusion to their potential buyers.

Specs seem to be great, but the size of the device will be bigger than 160 mm(length).