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  • LoveTheSpeed

I just got this phone for free. It had broken screen. But it worked. And I decided to fix it. Bought a new screen with housing (big mistake - this one is easier to change just screen). BUT! The screen NOW is awesome. I had P30 PRO but gave it to my wife because I couldn't write messages (big thumbs and curved edge of screen don't go together). And this masterpiece now is way better to handle with then P30 PRO. But it is big, too big.

  • Anonymous

I bought my phone for 150 eur or 300 bgn

  • Orc

Dusty Robot, 13 Jul 2021@paparesta First,I respectfully disagree with all what you ... moreSame here, been using it since summer 2019. and still is my trusty companion.

paparesta, 25 Jun 2021 Very bad phone, it is very heavy , it lags every time, ... more@paparesta First,I respectfully disagree with all what you said about the P Smart Z.
This is a 2 year old model and I have been using it since
June 2019 and now my fiancé is using it and it is working like a charm. One thing : OK, it's heavy but it's the battery that makes the major of the weight.
Of course you can't play PUBG or CoD {Asphalt 9 ; NFS etc...} because it uses a SoC that's almost 3 years old, it lakes RAM for a task like that, and the screen, although being an LCD panel, it's a quite good one. Al this what I'm trying to say is that the Huawei P Smart Z is a budget phone, with a price at the moment around 180€ - when it was introduced, the price was around 250€.
For the money that you'd spend now on this model, I asure you that you're not going to be able to find anywhere new & good, solid build and reliable phone like P Smart Z is.

Very bad phone, it is very heavy , it lags every time, it even lags when making video call on messenger or whats app , it is impossible to play cod or pubg in normal quality , it heats up quickly and as result frame drops and even game crashes after all.
I am saying this as person who changes phones every month and sell more than 50 phones every month .
never buy anything which runs Kirin 710F or Kirin 710 , this chips are so old and weak that normal use of smartphone is impossible.
Display brightness is very low, cannot see anything or watch in daylight

  • Mr.Polska

Used this phone for a year, my current Realme 6 for 180$ destroys this phone im every way imaginable.

  • D

The only phone that gives me problems with touchscreen and display already 2 times. Never more!

  • smart and cheap

Conectarenet, 15 Mar 2021Fictive Hotspot on 5Ghz band. Problem with fullscreen YouTu... moreKeep your phone a little further away for macro photos! V. good camera for a price of about 145 euros!

  • Smert and cheap

ninja, 04 Dec 2020you must turn off AI camera on the settings ;)exactly!

  • Very smart and good

I have used all kinds of smartphones, very expensive and cheap smartphones. I still take this very cheap Huawei model because it works smoothly even after years of use! The front camera is hidden and does not interfere! The screen is large and the battery lasts for a very long time! The camera is good considering the price of the phone, about 145 euros! With this phone, internet sharing is a high speed and stable, sometimes better than some expensive phone models!

  • Smart and cheap

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021I have an Huawei phone that came out in March 2017. "A... moreThis is very cheap phone , about 145 euro ! Very good smartphone !

  • Anonymous

I have an Huawei phone that came out in March 2017. "About Phone" now says in April 2021: "Android security Patch: 1 March 2019".
Allegedly, there's an "September 2020 Security Patch" rolling out since a few months. But i'm still sporting a phone with "... exploits and issues ... including 3 critical and 19 high levels of CVEs" - at least.

I thought about buying a P Smart Z, which are still sold in stores, but.... burning the money and my current phone instead, seems a lot smarter.

Fictive Hotspot on 5Ghz band. Problem with fullscreen YouTube, nor remain in the full screen. Poor camera. Problem focus macro.

That GPU turbo is actually noticeable in terms of performance, and the "performance mode" actually increases the fps of games greatly. Camera is good for the price, and it has a big variety of modes. Screen is gorgeous (yeah, it's an LCD but it's Huawei's) and the battery is great. I don't see a mains problem with the phone, since I expected mid-range performance.
But if you wanna save some money, you can get a Honor 10 lite. Same processor, one gb ram less, smaller battery - screen, no popup camera.

  • Jurkob1207

Anonymous, 05 May 2019Who cares about type c? If it is fast charging then there i... moreTry with some fast Charger, I charge it with Samsung fast charger for A 71 and from 0 to 100 % need about 70 minute.

  • ninja

H3ART4TTACK, 08 Jun 2020I think that this phone Is great for its Price, but since i... moreyou must turn off AI camera on the settings ;)

  • Anonymous

dan uk, 26 Nov 2020will we get android 11? I think no.

  • dan uk

ZorSab1956, 18 Nov 2020Well I receive updade and nos it's on Android 10,EMUI ... morewill we get android 11?

  • JurKob1919

Croatia, 12 Jun 2020Super phone, I love big screen, sharp, in this class best p... moreWell I are a comkmpare test Huawei P 30 lite-Huawei P smart Z and winter is P smart Z, everything is beþer or same as on P 30 lite expect marin kamera,P 30 have better marin kamera,but nothing spectlular,so I am glad to bus cheaper P smart Z,ching about it when you dječice to bus new phone. And of corse I"vv for 2 updates and now it's on Android 10.0 and EMUI 1O.O.O.285.

  • ZorSab1956

Mihaela, 24 Apr 2020Design is very attractive. Love the big screen, its much ea... moreWell I receive updade and nos it's on Android 10,EMUI versuon and everthing is far more better,even charging baterry,games lake RR3 is perfect,caneras took better pictures and now for it"s Priče( under 200 $) thing it's best buy.