Huawei shares the list of devices getting EMUI 12

Ro, 29 October 2021

While Huawei is busy switching its Chinese smartphones to its HarmonyOS, international units are still running on EMUI. And it appears they will continue to do so far a while as the company just announced the list of devices getting EMUI 12 starting in H1 2022.

Huawei isn't saying on what version of Android is EMUI 12 is based but judging by the recently launched nova 9, it's probably safe to assume that it's Android 11. Here's the official list.

Huawei shares the list of devices getting EMUI 12

The latest Huawei Mate and P series should expect a beta version of the software in the coming months.

Much like Harmony OS 2.0, EMUI 12 has a big focus on the integration of the Huawei ecosystem with easy file sharing and remote control of various Huawei devices. New animations and design await as well with the biggest change to the UI probably being the notification shade. It's now separated into two - swiping down from the left side of the status bar opens up the notification panel while doing the same on the right would summon the quick toggles, brightness slider and media controls. Just like Xiaomi's MIUI.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Jun 2022
  • 3WM

When will P Smart 2021 get EMUI 12. Any informaton, data ?

  • I. B
  • 15 May 2022
  • Nu7

Just received notification to update EMUI 12 on my mate 10.How is performance like before I update.

  • Kev
  • 30 Apr 2022
  • 0Za

Update on my broken P30 Pro. The repair guys were unable to determine if the software was at fault, but it appears that it was the display that was faulty, not the actual software. Still, that does mean that my phone's screen broke 18 months aft...

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