Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • mczlle

ok love the phone but have an issue with the bluetooth, cant seem to receive files from other phones yet i'v turned it on, made the phone disoverable etc. And another thing how do i send songs on my sd card via bluetooth. This are the only challenges i'v come across otherwise its a kul phone

  • Anonymous

i wish i new about dis phon bfor i purchased lg kp500!

  • carina

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2010The fact that this phone is sold without a user manual is very f... moresearch for t-mobile comet user manual. t-mobile comet is the same phone as ideos u8150

  • Satya

This phone is very good , only one problme I can see that unlike other normal phones you cant delete all contacts at a goal if u wanna sell of the phone.

  • M.Asghar

yes it has pdf and word reader preinstalled, but u can download from Market man, dont u know android?? :D

  • Samwelis

Was asking if the phone has word or Pdf reader . Pliz assist .. Thanks

  • posh

the phone is great but the only cons crops from battery life which is less than 5hrs,camera is not as bad,it only lacks led light,typing on the qwerty keyboard is stressful,applications n games are so much mbs making the 200mb memory negligible.all the same i give it a 7.8

  • Anonymous

this phone is too good to be sold for that price. what is the catch?

  • Anonymous

twizz, 22 Jan 2011does it come with a warranty wen bought at safcom??? n if u dont... moreare you serious??! what sort of question is this! how can it come without a warranty.

  • twizz

does it come with a warranty wen bought at safcom??? n if u dont mind pls tell about its internet speed

  • twizz

does it come with a warranty wen bought at safcom???

  • Ngizi

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2011is it on offer at safcom or is 8500 its original price???Safcom say it's originally 15k but they sell it at 8,500. While Airtel are pushing voice service, Safcom push data. I'm halfway through the 600MB that came with it :).

  • U got Serverd!

Hi to all, i got this set at last, i LOOOOOOVE it, its beautiful, has all functions of costly android sets, thats make it worth buying. Battery not that great but that happens with . Let me tell u guys, it is able to run SWYPE perfectly, can run ANGRY BIRDS (with a trick), and and and the great SKYPE for free calls...
all u have to do is to find the right/compatible QVGA version, and i assure u that will run perfectly. Only draw back i find is the high resolution mp4 play back is lagging, but HighQuality 3gp format runs perfectly. Hope this info help...
Well i appeal Huawei company to Retail/sale this set them selves like Nokia, because other carriers are ruining its affordibility!! THANKS

  • sathya

Basit12, 17 Oct 2010I want to buy this phone. can anybody tell me where to buy from?... moreonly loked from mobile store

  • sathya

lalit, 05 Oct 2010where did you buy it from?mobile store

  • sathya

new model launch from aircel nice phone

  • Anonymous

is it on offer at safcom or is 8500 its original price???

  • Mira

If you want to see applications on your sd card, you need to download astro file menager [ASTRO] from market. If you want to set .mp3 for a ringtone on your device, you need to download ring extended from market - then you open .mp3 file you want from ring extended - settings/set a ringtone/open with/ring extended and you're done.

  • esoo

has anyone configured mail for exchange on it. syn microsoft exchange server mails ?

  • kioko

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2011hey am from nairobi wnted to know if this phone comes with a mem... moreHave u managed to install skype on it?Please tell me i am facing problems in the skype installation