Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • kopi

assefa, 15 May 2014I want to know how I can save my documents on sd cardhow to read file from SD card??also when I download whatsapp messenger from android market,nothing notifications it show download status but no progress..

  • d.o

just to ask where can i found another screen?

  • cmm

SINGIR, 20 Feb 2013Am using ideos phone u8150 and my problem is that i cannot send ... morei cant receive sms pls help

  • ssebbowa

why my Bluetooth doesn't switch on? I

  • Anonymous

why my Bluetooth doesn't switch on? I

  • Zainul

I have problems in touchscreen, it doesnt work !!!

  • apollo

i cant view contacts saved on my simcard..... i have to first copy them to phone memory. there is no option to display or save contacts on simcard.... why

  • annonymous

the phone does not seem to like Skype,my fathers phone has had Skype installed on it almost 4 times because it keeps rejecting password. in my opinion its a rubbish phone. sorry.

  • princeali

please i live in Ghana and i bought my huawei u8150 phone from a local a phone shop, use it for several weeks but i try putting another telecommunication networt called Tigo, by then i was using MTN another telecommunication company in Ghana, by the time i removed the Tigo and try putting my MTN inside my phone , it keeps on demanding for a SIMLOCK block unlock reset KEY, please can you teach me how to unlock it

  • Helper

When a phone switches itself off,try to replace the battery.If that wont rectify the problem,then reset the phone to factory settings.That will help.

  • kop

my phone lock fault and fails to open what should i do to ore open it

  • Anonymous

when your idios phone switches itself automaticaly when ever you put it on, just know that it has weared out, you need to buy a new one. when you are overusing a phone by playing games too much, browsing too much, and downloading things from the net, just know that its geting spoiled due to its overuse. so as a result, it starts behaving strangely by going off whenver you intend to use it. thats how i spoiled mine.

  • Kazikwa

jatin nayak, 22 Jul 2014i m using IDEOS from last 3 years. I purchased it from NAIROBI, ... morekindly try customer care #huaweiDevice they may be of good assistance

  • jatin nayak

i m using IDEOS from last 3 years. I purchased it from NAIROBI, now i m living in India, but it is not supporting Indian Languages. Even company is also not helping me to read indian languages.
i m helpless in india.

  • Anonymous

i restored my ideos to factory,and thereafter its touchscreen is numb does not respond.its requiring i touch android to begin which is impossible.what do i do with the problem so ican use the phone?

  • will

my phone when powered goes On normally, displays IDEOS well, ANDROID well then goes off.

  • lilian

have just bought my u8150 ideos but i cant access internet services,it keeps writing me that you must log in first even after logging in.wat do i do to access my account?

  • AnonD-280184

my phone has pettren lock plz open my phone petrren immegetly plzzzz

  • Anonymous

why z my phone not having the option of sending a music via Bluetooth

  • lil joe

forgot password and has lock sim.