Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • AnonD-27887

Yes, it has bluetooth and plays youtube videos.

  • nomi

Diechor, 25 Oct 2011does this phone have bluetooth?yes

  • Nido

Diechor, 25 Oct 2011does this phone have bluetooth?Please dbl check spec

  • AnonD-27802

i maybe late, but i still want this phone. can anyone tell me if this phone can play youtube? thanks

  • fonz

can i watch youtube using this phone ? thanks

  • Diechor

does this phone have bluetooth?

  • Mikx

Does it really support adobe flash player 4 watching online flash content?

  • Ronboy

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2011How do I make my privacy eg on messages download an application called "Application protection".
it protects basically everything on your android

  • Anonymous

How do I make my privacy eg on messages

  • AnonD-27175

It is the best and most cheapest android available in market. Perfect for any beginner who wants his 1st hand experience of android operating system. The default OS is very slow though but modified operating systems work perfect with Over Clocking

  • Pakistanish

bhavin, 20 Oct 2011i was using phone for seven month i know all fetures of phone on... moreJust download and install a file manager from android market and then send the songs through share option. Popular file manager are as follows:

ES File Explorer
File manager
File Expert

  • bhavin

i was using phone for seven month i know all fetures of phone only 1 questoin .how to connect bluetooth to other device and sending songs@video etc. if any one know plese tell me

  • eric

Bionicboy, 18 Oct 2011I like this phone but tha problem is i cannot connect to wi-fi..... moreIf you are having issues with connecting the phone via wifi to your router...try the following settings:

Router settings:
SSID Broadcast - enabled, Security Mode - WPA2 Personal, WPA Algorithms - TKIP+AES, WPA Shared Key - "your password", MAC Filtering - disabled at first.

Once you are able to connect to the internet, if you really want to use MAC Filtering, re-enable it. It should still work. That's how I got to make the Ideos U8150 work with my Linksys WRH54G router

  • ghergus

good starter smartphone. internet works best with opera mini

  • victor

ok I had set a pattern to be unlocking my phone but then I forgot it and tried many times and now its requesting me to use my google sign inn of which I not quit really sure of it so what eise can I do to get it back to normal.Please help me here..

  • Rishi

Bettery life is good when u not need data tourn off data and use 2g network your phone bettery not dranage full day you can use ,i use this phone last 8 month and i also thought bettery issue but last 2 mont i try this when i require data i enable after that i tour off data and 2g network ....tooooo good phone plz learn hou to use this phone than complain or review

  • Bionicboy

I like this phone but tha problem is i cannot connect to searches and get but can NOT connect.....PLESE HELP:)

  • AnonD-26694

this phone have a locker in case if i lost this..

  • Ali

Try Bolt Browser For Youtube Videos and other Internet things

  • kmi

AnonD-1432, 15 Oct 2011How do I delete any downloads that I wish to get rid of such as ... moreif in mem card connect to comp via usb then delete from there...