Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • AnonD-1432

How do I delete any downloads that I wish to get rid of such as some attachements and things like that to allow more space in the system?. I have failed to do this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2011i entered a pasword into my U8150 phone and i dont seem to remem... moreWhy not just wipe the phone / install a custom ROM

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone for such price...

  • Anonymous

i entered a pasword into my U8150 phone and i dont seem to remember it,and now i cant access any information on my phone, can u help?

  • Vendor

bewildered, 11 Oct 2011how does the calender get activated????????????To add callendar you must have a Google account with an active callendar .....and it doesn't support flash player or open GL...also overheats when used for 15 min continuously

  • Anonymous

Can i use skype calls on this phone? I need only voice calls not video calls.

  • shah

sunil, 11 Oct 2011Awesome phone... i have used it for one year now... Great experi... morewhat about adobe flash ? ?

  • sunil

Awesome phone... i have used it for one year now... Great experience. The only issue is i think sometimes it slows down if you have multiple apps working or if you have not cleared the memory. I felt if we could have 600mhz might have made the difference but not sure.

  • bewildered

how does the calender get activated????????????

  • shah

Sandeep, 10 Oct 2011Yup u can brouse every thing..... I dnt say its the best but not... morewhenever i tried to download adobe flash it respond me that its not available in market or ur phone does not support....:( ? ? ? /

  • Anonymous

I can't see my contacts

  • Sandeep

Yup u can brouse every thing..... I dnt say its the best but not using it frm 6 months...wifi hotspot. Was gud in this mobiles when compared to other mobiles...u can buy this at vodafone store in india at price of 8500 :D

  • harry

I must get this phone.. am really impressed!!

  • shah

i have it...i heared flash player is not supported:(..any solution to play youtube videos...??? nd battery really diaponted me :(

  • Bahr

It is good and handy, except my problems to log on to the internet. Is it linked to The Ethiopian telecommunications Service, as I bought the set from Safaricom,Nairobi/Kenya.

  • lord_alessi

I've had this unit for quite a while and so far, it performs as it's supposed to. However, my main complaint would be the screen size and the speed of the processor. Battery is ok if I'm browsing (can view youtube) but will run out within about 15 hours. I can also view documents and even large PDF files but expect some lag with it.

Tried using it as a Mifi device and it works well, though the battery does dissipate within 3 hours. I have to plug it in to a power supply to keep it running. Using it as a Mifi device also makes it hot, which is expected given the type of battery it uses.

Overall, this device is ok. You don't have to expect too much from it since it's only around US$90.

  • john the baptist

Thank you for the comments.
The current phone I have was a tragic mistake. This time I'm doing the research before I buy a cell phone.

  • hak2liv

BOSS, 30 Sep 2011Is this aailable in the philippines smart network?Yes, It's free on Plan 500.

  • lilly

this phone is a peice of crap, i have had it replaced and even the new phone is trash, it doesn't hold the charge it needs to be charged twice a day, the touch screen doesn't work properly, i am in a service area which is 3g and this phone does not pick up 3g.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2011good bt da batry aint cool you suck