Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • AnonD-24502

I plan to have it but the comments is making me think again :)

  • usamaash

Umm! Really Cool and cheap(100$) Phone with DroniX 0.4 Max CPU 729mhz :D
but i really dnt have btry issue -_-

  • Anonymous

good bt da batry aint cool

  • AnonD-24433

very slow processor, camera not so gud as well, rest of phone is fine

  • Anonymous

planning to buy it your comments scares me, ill weigh my options first...

  • Sxacz

I ave one but it doesn't play GIF images, can anyone advice me on what 2 do?

  • amsurak

mh...nice fone,cool apps,nice market,very fast when on 3G but the battery dies fast..but if you need a portable phone with easy internet access its a phone you should have

  • BOSS

Is this aailable in the philippines smart network?

  • BOSS

mzito, 28 Sep 2011yes it plays yu tube plus u shud see wat av done to mine. comple... morethanks...can you show me how? hehe

  • Tibruc71

awesome but battery is crazy ts don't take even six hours when using internet!!!

  • kish

this phone has bad camera,you can not upgrade this phone,you can not play flsh player on same web site as bbc and ...and no support.

  • Stone

Beautiful n awsum phone bt the battery life is disappointing even after downloading battery saver from market only wish a nokia battery cud fit on it.

  • mzito

BOSS, 18 Sep 2011Can it play youtube? yes it plays yu tube plus u shud see wat av done to mine. completely different frm wat i bought. so cool

  • sgl

great china phone, branded and not fake, it is user friendly, only battery life is limited

  • AnonD-23707

Not bad but i think something is wrong with the one i have as it is not accepting bluetooth requests.Seperate and apart though it looks super cool :)

  • Das

Allan, 18 Sep 2011is this a dual sim phone? No. It is Single SIM phone.

  • ricHi

AnonD-23190, 22 Sep 2011my ideos 8150 heats up quickly and losses battery life. any reas... moreVisit this link its advise from Safaricom: Kenya.

  • dammy

wow. this phone is wonderful!!!! u can do whatever u want. try it n u will enjoy it ..

  • emimadrid

Can anyone tell me if it works with skype?

  • Vin

This is the best phone ever made for mankind!Use it n u'll never think of using any other phone.