Huawei U8230

Huawei U8230

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  • Anonymous

The RAM is too small and fails to support a lot of apps

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2013I have no worries with this phone besides that its an Android bu... moreBBM can be downloaded with Android OS 4.0 or upper

  • Anonymous

I have no worries with this phone besides that its an Android but can't seem to download BBM. Help!

  • tapiy jay

this phone is not that good when its full of application it starts freezing and it not a phone without a memory card

  • simstyles

The phone has a very poor battery which is not easily accessible for replacement. the 2.1 version (Eclair) does not support google playstore. Surely a worthless phone.

  • Maziso

its a very good phone no doubt about that. but if I download viber or Skype it starts freezing. I cant even make a phone call. I had to delete angry birds because of this freezing thing. its really annoying.

  • Sirchippa

I want someone can fix this phone 4 me cz screen is blank plz help.

  • sirchippa

It have problem with a screen we do I fix it?cz it workng bt screen is blank.

  • Nicky

nice phone.looking for a new battery.any ideas?

  • Anonymous

my phone cannot download whatsap messsge

  • Anonymous

my phone doesnt have a video camara

  • ndomblan

its a nice phone

  • Anonymous

zayain, 22 Mar 2012how do i successfullf download and run apps on my phone, nothing... moresame 2 me dontckno y

  • omo

difficut 2 download app. can any tell me hw 2 download from market

  • Domy Kanez

if you change you change touch screen does this phone function well as usuall please reply me my friends

  • gagan

yes it was good phone i like it very much

  • Pax

Anonymous, 04 May 2012It's the best android phone you can buy the 1 disadvantage is he... moreupgrading the operating system aint becomes very slow and i advice you not to upgrade,it wil cause a lot of problems.

  • solid sos

Where can i get guide battrey 4 this 4on?

  • chimbie kanyinji

its a good mobile phone u cant go wrong.

  • asif

can anybody how long is the battery standby time?