Huawei U8230

Huawei U8230

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  • Day

Very good phone. I like it!

  • Anonymous

I like this phone, but does anyone know if it has t9??

  • Anonymous

I wondering what is its talk time and standby time..

  • Anonymous

better than iphone 3gs, its faster and its louder and the cammera its better

  • RA

I´m very curious about the two different designs of the U8230. What differs from this picture to others I´ve seen (not often) and in a video on YouTube, is that the phone just has a silver lining, not the aluminum you see here where the buttons are, which in the other case is black. Does anyone know what to make of that, is it different designs in different countries?

  • sham

hi guys . i bought new huawei u8230
it is perfect. internet is good. over all it is
better than any other android phn due to big
screen. i sugest this phne

  • mmm

it has a secondary camera.

  • Marcus

I had my u8230 for one week then the display got wierd i don't show the right colors and stuff. Ithink Huawei let this model out too early cause i have a lot of bugs in mine and for that reason (and because never update to 2.1) i am switching to another brand. This is my opinion only and i recommend people to really check the warranty before buying it or you can be screwed.. i was=(

  • Aji

i am seeing the spec atleast 4 times in a week,with eager of buying it. but doubtfull about the perfomance and service back up. it is selling here through one of the athourised network provider for Usd 385. eventhough i cant recomend because of brand and popularity. any one who have true experience with this phone please let me now.(

  • mat

i have a very big problem with the time ....they shoud do something to improve it.....i'm planing to get another brand for this reason.....:(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 2010Can someone tell me if "headset support only" in ... moreThat means you can conect your headset but no file transfer. But you can download and isntall free 3rd party software and use your bluetooth in any way... Also a viewer usually pre-installed but no editing. You have to purchase an editor for office documents... Adobe is freely distributing acrobat reader lite...

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me if "headset support only" in the bluetooth means what I think it means...

Also, I never used an Android phone before, is it possible to use it to read pdf, doc, xcl, etc.?


  • Anonymous

Dont buy it after where are are you going to get the service back up in case you require any stay away buy some thing well known you can get quite a few for this cost

  • Marco

what about the display ? is it readable under sunlight?

  • Afonso

I´ve had in my hands! It runs on Android OS and it feels pretty cool.

  • A-Gnw

U8230 owner, 28 Feb 2010Very good phone. I like it!Hello, could you please advise me. How good is the U8230 phone compare with competitors, 'cause I am considering to buy it ?

Thank you

  • mangkir

huawei ? touchscreen ?
watch out...!

  • Kisma

Can we write or read Chinese and Japanese character on it?

  • U8230 owner

Very good phone. I like it!

  • matrix

Cool phone... i want one!!!!