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Huawei Watch GT

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  • Catalin

I have the etch since one month.
Problem is that is disconnect very offen.
Did anybody have same problem ?
How i can solve these problem ?

  • Nick

I want to ask something... I bought Huawei watch GT
When i was charging the watch for the first time accidentally i removed the watch from the charger and it stopped charging....
Can that damage the battery because it is first charge.
Thank you

  • Kunal

Hello everyone, I am facing one issue which I am not able to fix , I bought Huawei GT smart watch, I installed application Huawei Health and Huawei mobile services, in Huawei Health application watch face option is not available, I have 2 phones it doesn't show in OnePlus 7 pro but it is available in MI Max 2, does anyone knows fix for this issue?

Is there any software to design new watch face for GT in Windows system

Anonymous, 15 May 2019You can create a Huawei account. That simple.I have used app but there isnโ€™t any login option.


In one word Huawei GT is best smart watch compare to other, battery timing is excellent for others brand. I recommended to all smart watch user.

  • pajson89

just got this watch and its great and its beautiful

  • Govind

nohackmove, 04 Apr 2019I assume you were talking about Huawei Helth Apk. Because i... moreNo new watche faces available on Huawei GT watches in india. No Hicloud available in India.
At least huawei mobile to huawei GT new watch faces should be in India. Other wise huawei China will loose the business in India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ. Mi /Amazfit/ Huami have best new watch faces in India.

  • Anonymous

i have use smartwatch for many years, many brands and type (samsung, sony, xiaomi, huawei). For a such a long time, i love to wear huawei watch first gen, because the shape and how it looks. But after all, again, after use many kind of brand and type, i think this huawei GT is maybe the best answer of me. Because I hate of 2 days (sometimes 1 day even) battery life, I don't use my watch to talk during call, I don't reply chat or texting with my watch. I just want to know the important notification (always keep update for certain information), have fun with some exercise menu, waterproof, and the important thing is, again about battery life. This Huawei GT also looks so clear for the screen for me, better than huawei watch first gen.
But for the notification doesn't feel smooth and detail like android wear. Maybe if huawei improve (the light OS should be not light anymore) for some menu, such as for wacthfaces (that we cannot add) and also for the notification as i mention before, that would be perfect!

  • dat

Anonymous, 15 May 2019You can create a Huawei account. That simple.when you created your Huawei account which country did you select? I think that is the reason for some people appears the watch faces icon and for other ones not.

  • Michael

Just got my free GT watch after purchasing a P30 PRO (Excellent phone btw). I have to say I am disappointed with now limited the watch is. I don't Bluetooth it to my phone anymore and just use it as a watch.

Hasan 85, 24 Jan 2019i am very disappointed about this watch while comparing it... moreyou were comparing apples vs oranges. Huawei GT is designed to be a long lasting digital watch with a fitness tracker and some basic connectivity. hence over a week of battery life without charging. Not to be confused with Huawei watch2, which is a standard smartwatch comparable with Samsung, with 2/3 days battery life max.

  • Anonymous

GT tikoytas, 03 Aug 2019I have bought this watcht . I can't find the altimeter . Ha... moreyou find it under the Barometer, just swipe up from the barometer app

I have bought this watcht . I can't find the altimeter . Has it any and where is it hidden ?

  • nNsL

Any 1 had screen burn problem for this Huawei watch GT ?
my 1st Huawei Watch screen was burn :'(

I thing between huawei watch 2 4g or this gt
If you paired watch did you still have sound notification in phone is well?
And did have GT repro for sound notification?
Never have that watch that why stupid questions ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Manu

aj, 08 Jun 2019can i use this watch with iOS iphoneYes, whit the app.

  • ali

aj, 08 Jun 2019can i use this watch with iOS iphonesorry, huawei health app

  • ali

aj, 08 Jun 2019can i use this watch with iOS iphoneyes just download hicare app

  • aj

can i use this watch with iOS iphone