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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

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  • Jack

Worked perfectly for 2 months, consumed about 10% of the battery per day (4 times a week in training mode for about 2 hours). Diplay in automatic mode. At one point, the battery started to discharge abruptly at 60%, falling to 10% in a day. It seems like a bad battery, which happens when the phone is years old. The allowed 14 days of battery life is not true. The last time the battery is empty in 3-4 days. The phone and clock are always with the latest software.

  • Max

Nordin, 08 Jan 2021Hi, You can't install app on it but you can download ... moreYou can install apps !!!!

Another funny comment. This watch does not need high-end specs as the OS alone is very light and the main selling point of this is its vastly superior battery life compared to most smartwatches. Who needs a high-end chipset and ram if you have to charge it on a daily basis? It's a watch, not a phone so its battery should really last weeks not just one day! Anything else that gives you 1-2 days battery life is worthless imho.

32mg ram and kirin a1 chipset. This watch was obsolete before it even rolled out. A shame, really, as it’s absolutely stunning in appearance.

  • Nordin

ddtal, 30 Sep 2020can be Spotify installed on this pone and download music to it?Hi,
You can't install app on it but you can download music on it from your phone if you have an Android one.

  • Anonymous

Is it just mine or this watch have the worst step counter?

  • J

This Watch is a bang for your buck and those features are really for high end luxury watches.

The only thing that they improve on is the Remote Shutter that is only compatible wi Huawei Devices.

  • Mick

About Huawei Support:

I will not buy this piece of crap for 50% of it's price.
Huawei provides zero support, it's worst company ever.
Huwei had thousands of complaints on their forum, and gues what? They turned off forum and started new one. No forum, no complaints. Their replies are just generic copy/paste "your question will be sent to relevant department..."

  • Anonymous

Good watch design. Crap health app and crap watch functional design. Wants you to be connected to the health app on your phone before you can do ANYTHING, and for several watch functions because no WiFi on the watch.

The Huawei health app sucks. You MUST register with email AND phone number to get the watch to function out of the box. Then the health app wants access to your contacts, location and phone. Horseshit. Going to buy a Samsung and return this intrusive POS.

  • flateef

I was using Samsung S3 Frontier from past 3+ years and was happy.

Last week I wanted to upgrade my aging S3 frontier and after some thinking decided not to spend lots of money on Samsung Watch 3 and went with Huawei GT 2 Pro.

I am really happy with the GT 2 Pro, the quality is awesome, feels like real watch. Nice health tracking and very accurate sleep tracking.

Of-course it lacks apps features even compare to S3 frontier (like I can not see the all notifications whenever I want, can not reply to messages but really I didn't use this much). But these are not really a big issue as you always have your mobile phone around (connectivity over bluetooth so only few meters away).

To me its a recommended watch.

Funny that a lot of people are asking phone features from a smart watch. Use your phone for phone functions people and don't use a 1.39" screen to do tasks that you should be doing on a 6-inch plus-sized phone.

Steve, 30 Oct 2020i have the watch for 10 days now. wanted something new from... moreCould you please inform me which of the options are not compatibale with your galaxy note 20? I have note ans i want to choose between galaxy watch 3 or huawei watch gt 2 pro.

  • Bub

People criticise the watch for the limitations of the software and apps.
I've had an Apple Watch 4 that I never really used any of it's functions, moved to my old Garmin for it's stress tracking, but found it's sleep, stress, HR, bluetooth connectivity, and sync were sorely lacking.
Moved onto GT2 Pro and it's a game changer.
Solid bluetooth connection.
Sync is seamless and notifications regularly update on the watch.
Sleep tracking is phenomenal with a world of detail, a sleep score, and a range of practically useful feedback.
The stress tracking is much more sensible - and shows a trend through the day and not the wild swings from minute to minute seen with the Garmin / Firstbeat system.
Weather in a ton of detail, including sun and moon rise and set times.
Ceramic build quality with 1.39in AMOLED screen shouts (hopefully understated) premium.
Two week battery life an absolute beaut. I have a always on watchface that supposedly reduces the battery by almost half.
Haven't used the fitness functions as yet.
Couldn't be happier. Apple Watch 4 and Garmin happily stowed away.

  • ED

Guys, how is the heart rate accuracy...... how much accurate the figures the watch generates... is it compatible with Note 20 ultra

Got it 3 weeks ago, i am apple watch user since 2015 till apple wstch 5, said to my self this watch is good replacment for the money, but after some time using it i proved myself to be wrong, this watch is so limited with software it does not feel like smart watch comparing it to apple watch, i made same mistake for buying p40 pro plus, but now i know no more huawei products for me....

Steve, 30 Oct 2020i have the watch for 10 days now. wanted something new from... moreThanks for your comment. Does it at least show notifications and calls? I have the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch 2 Active.. I want something different and that battery life sounds great

  • Steve

i have the watch for 10 days now. wanted something new from my gear s 3. the only think better is the battery. software wise is a step back big time. no customisation no apps no full compatibility with my note 20 ultra. the health app is good and the workout options are endless. battery as i said is out of this world but on the other side it does so little. i would highly recoment it if you have not had a tizen or a wear os watch before. looks are great too. i fitted a black titanium band that goes perfectly with it.

  • collegue

it's slightly overpriced in comparison with GT2 it is the same watch with an extra sensor improved materials like sapphire and gorilla glass with titanium instead of stainless steel the watch shouldn't have such a high pricing gap like 100€

It's the future

  • mz

TEtech, 12 Sep 2020And wireless charging and long lasting battery (especially ... moreTook it out of the box it was charged to 58 %, and that lasted for nearly a week, that's with workout tracking and me constantly playing with it. Happy.