Huawei Watch no longer available from Google Store

Enrique, 08 December 2016

When the platform was at its peak, Google dedicated a whole section of its online store to showcase a variety of smartwatches that ran Google’s Android Wear. And even with the incoming launch of the newest Android Wear 2.0 happening later than sooner, convincing the general public that they need smartwatches has proven to be a difficult task.

The Huawei Watch was among the best Android Wear smart watch with its premium build, long-lasting battery life, and integrated speaker for taking calls. Not to mention the company also released a separate line of the Huawei Watch just for women.

Well, the Google Store no longer has stock of the aforementioned smartwatch in any model, not even the models for ladies. While the page still stands, the watches are simply listed as “Unavailable”. We don't know if the watch will be restocked, but given that it's already over a year old, chances are slim.

Smartwatches are just not flying off the shelves like tech companies would have hoped with sales declining. Even Apple refuses to release the actual number of Apple Watches the company has sold, conveniently hiding them in a general category on the company’s financial reports. Though, we tend to see more folks in the wild with Apple Watches than any smartwatch.

We haven’t seen a major smartwatch release in a while and we won’t expect any until well into next year. We can only keep our fingers crossed for a CES unveiling of some new wearable tech, though it’s not likely. Perhaps Google is better off teaming up with recognizable watch brands to integrate the wearable OS such as Fossil and Michael Kors have already done.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-569198
  • 09 Dec 2016
  • YdR

From the article: "We haven’t seen a major smartwatch release in a while and we won’t expect any until well into next year." The Samsung Gear S3 was released in November 2016. That is last month.

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Dec 2016
  • pKy

Doesn't matter. Huawei is still sold in many places and if you got once while it was on discount on black friday then you are lucky. It will receive android wear 2.0 as well so it will be ok for another year or so. would be nice if it were...

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Dec 2016
  • s1f

Correct! hope to see the 2nd gen.

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