Huawei will bring a $150 5G phone by year's end or early 2021

Ivan, 21 January 2020

Huawei is working to deliver a 5G phone at an about CNY 1028 (around $150) price by this year's end, or early next year.

At the moment the cheapest 5G phone costs CNY 2,000 (around $290) but most command a price of CNY 3,000 (~$430) or higher, so a phone for around CNY 1,000 would enable a lot more people to experience 5G.

Huawei will bring a $150 5G phone by year's end or early 2021

The recently-unveiled MediaTek 1000L and Qualcomm Snapdradon 765G chipsets with optional 5G modem integration should allow 5G connectivity on a number of midrangers. Up until this point 5G connectivity was mostly a flagship-exclusive feature.

Huawei and Samsung will spearhead 5G adoption in 2020, until Apple joins the market. In 2019 Samsung reportedly shipped some 6.7M 5G-equipped devices, while Huawei reportedly outdid it with 6.9M.



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Sure. Same battery same ram cpu, gpu simmilar same charging speeds. Micro SC slot, headphone jack. If you think that a bit better screen cost 200 bucks then you are naive as samsung with prices for S20 line.

They are clearly the loudest, not only in China where the government serves as their loudspeaker and cleanup crew, but also abroad, apparently. The entity list is dozens of pages long yet some clowns speak as if being listed makes Huawei special.

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