Huawei working on smartphone with a display hole for the camera instead of a notch

Ro, 19 July 2018

According to a Korean media outlet, Huawei is working on a strange smartphone design that could potentially mean the end of a notch era. But don't get too excited, because what follows might be even worse.

The design features a display cutout for the camera, only this time it's smaller and surrounded by screen on all sides. Instead of placing the front-facing snapper on the notch, the engineers want to put it away from the top bezel so they can squeeze a bit more display on the front and get rid of the notch.

This concept might introduce an entirely new problem. For example, how will the apps behave and how will the extra screen space be utilized? And still, the design pictured from ETNews shows a very slim upper bezel housing the earpiece, ambient sensor and the proximity sensor.

To be honest, despite being a bit quirky, vivo and Oppo's design solution with their periscope-like camera on the NEX S and slide-out top on the Find X seem way more elegant.

Also, we can't get over the notion that Huawei might be doing this for marketing purposes only - to brag about screen-to-body ratio. Then again, we'd be glad to be proven wrong and there to be an actual practical use case to this.

Further the report mentions a 6.39-inch LCD and a possible launch in Q4 this year. This is in line with Huawei's leaked roadmap last year.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Nov 2018
  • 7Mv

Just remove the front camera, it’s such a simple and cheap solution Why should I have to have a notch or “camera hole” because some people want to take stupid photos of themselves

  • Joe Alligator
  • 26 Jul 2018
  • PF9

curving the screen like iShit X is expensive, thats why the cost is high. now curving the top as well haha.. maybe in the near future though when prices go down

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Jul 2018
  • SpI

Curve the display from front, round the top and all the way down the back? If the phone could flip from the back outward you could get a super tall display too, 38:9 aspect ratio is the new future :p Or even under screen cameras if that is possi...

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