Huawei Y360

Huawei Y360

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  • AnonD-683939

Hate this has a storage of 4gb but it keeps on telling me sufficient memory...have tried formatting ...someone help

  • nati

where can i get the software it is not working plus the battery is weak

  • kashif

dear all,
i have purchased huawei y 360 brand new but i am facing power on issue first time, anyone who know kindly help me....
first time power on user steps
first select language is ok
second wifi connection on/off is ok
third privacy ...i am clicking on chekbox and then accept but the same window open again. not fowards the next step....this is actually issue ....please help if any one knows

  • I wonder.

mr huawei, 24 Dec 2016I always like HUAWEI phone. All thing is ok but one problem is b... moreTrue the battery drains fast but not only that I cannot save pictures to my phone contact when I do so the screen gets dark and my power button works when it feels like.

  • Abhi

It is good for my own use but at sometimes it will hang that is the one problem

  • Stu

lucase, 29 Dec 2016Can it be used for tethering?Select Tools, then at top of page select All. From the list after Data Usage is ...More, this takes you to a Wireless & networks page. Half way down the page is Tethering & portable hotspot.

  • annie

Can text messages be blocked on this phone and how can I do this?

  • kappa69

I have this phone for a year now and it works pretty good. it has good's a phone for the simple.

  • mani13

This is not a bad phone. all in all its a low end device that has some acceptable features.

I would compare it to the iphone 4.

  • tajay

y sometime u guys allways sending when my credit is finish but not when data finish...this is crap

  • P779

Is the snapchat camera quality on the huawei Y360 good?

  • Anonymous

I just bought my phone recently yes it downloads but can t open the downloaded files. it can't even play the downloaded both mp 3 &4. what do I do?

  • licxer2x321

fan, 27 Nov 2016U don't know how to use the huawei y360 u-82.i have an huawei ... moreIs it true if i put my huawei battery under the sun it will charged!?

  • Emk

my huawei has problem of not down loard video & photos it does it at times why

  • Anonymous

I have a problem with this phone coz the camera is not functioning well.When you take a photo it writes (no thumbnail).What does it mean?

  • J.L

Hello! I'm having problems with my Huawei Y360, just stopped working (When I try to open it, it opens and closes itself again and it keeps repeating the same thing again and again) help me please what should I do?

  • kb

my phone indicates that HUAWEI has stop working i cant use it any more

  • o0o

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2016Same thing has happened to me just format...use factory reset...wkwkwkwkwk

  • lucase

Can it be used for tethering?

  • Anonymous

yoxy, 22 Dec 2016Nice budget phone but i don't know what happened to my camera... moreSame thing has happened to me